Monday, July 1, 2013

Meaningless Update: I'm currently working on...

I'm slowly coming back on track. I think that due to inactivity my English will become even more rusty (or maybe I should say "my Engrish" :D) but I hope that you can live with it.

Things I'm currently trying to do in order to re-activate both my blog and my brain:
  • Underworld Kingdom Volume Two: Dark Gods, Dark Magic. Proofreading is done, now I'm re-reading the booklet to find and correct all minor bugs and flaws. I'll try to release it ASAP (it should be available via and I guess it will cost about $3 for ~30p PDF).
  • Bandits and Battlecruisers Free Edition. It's much easier to create a free edition from the full product than doing opposite thing. It will be much smaller than the full game (which has 140 A5-sized pages), probably will not contain any artwork (it's fucking painful to re-format it but maybe I'll manage to do it... but I can't promise anything) but hell, it will be available for free!
Also, I'm 100% sure that I will not return to G+ - I haven't looked at it for about month and well, I don't like the changes. To be honest - it's fucking hideous. So, don't expect anything more there, probably except re-posting the blog updates.

Also, enjoy my fucking primitive, harsh industrial black metal track, inspired mostly by even more primitive and harsh one-man band, Striborg: