Sunday, March 24, 2024

Night Club! (new magic...item?)


I know it's stupid. That's why I made it!

This carved club, made of polished walnut, possesses some peculiar magical abilities:

  • Club's all magical powers activate only after sunset and last until dawn. The weapon should be treated as ordinary, although strange-looking wooden club.
  • It's a +2 magical weapon.
  • It grants 30% resistance versus alcohol and narcotics, atop of normal saving throws.
  • It grants +3 Charisma bonus versus all genders that the Club's wielder is interested in.

Artwork by me!

Monday, March 4, 2024

Twelve Things Unearthed By Mistake


  1. Huge iron bottle with a Demon of Three Plagues trapped inside.
  2. Key to the Tomb of the Mummified Emperor.
  3. Skull of the Headless Avenger.
  4. Monolith of the Deluge.
  5. Entrance to the Tunnels of Doom.
  6. Previously missing tip of the Sword of Betrayal.
  7. Silver casket, created to trap the Eternal Queen.
  8. Crown of Madness, still adorning the Lunatic King's skull.
  9. Divine Cork, plugging the Well of Thousand Locusts.
  10. Hypercube of the Negative Dimensions.
  11. Door to the Prison of the Sixty Thief Lords.
  12. Bell of the Earthquakes.

Friday, March 1, 2024

Magical Snares


No, it's not about the type of drums. I'm sorry if I disappointed you.

Roll 1d6:

  1. Any caught creature must save vs. magic to avoid falling asleep for as long as it remains ensnared.
  2. When triggered, it emits extremely loud sound of a bell. Then, an extremely loud voice speaks the name of the ensnared creature (or its species if it has no name).
  3. Any caught creature must save vs. magic to avoid being teleported to a cell inside the nearby tower, belonging to the Mavue Wizard.
  4. When triggered, an undead (and hostile) skeletal warrior pops out of existence at the beginning of each of 1d6 turns after the trap's activation.
  5. Any caught creature must save vs. magic or its level will be drained by 1. If reduced to zero or below, the creature will become a slave to the Ochre Wizard.
  6. The snare can be triggered only by females. Any caught creature must save vs. magic to avoid becoming obsessed with the thoughts of Cerulean Wizard, even if they have never seen or heard of them.

The Ochre Wizard regretted creating his Trap of Irresisitible Affection in such haste. Now his tower is besieged by the menagerie of weird animals, all female. Not a single woman had fell into his trap in five years. But the beasts and the monsters keep flocking to his keep.