Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nasty features of dragons

Roll 1d12.
  1. Two-headed. And now you must kill both of them.
  2. Regeneration. Regenerates 6 HP per round.
  3. Anti-magical. Surrounded by sphere of absolute anti-magic. Time to die.
  4. Evil Twin. And you thought that this dragon is big and scary.
  5. Invisible. And this invisibility is granted by ultra-tech alien artifact. See Invisible and similar tricks are not working here.
  6. Poor as Fuck. No treasure this time, mate.
  7. Amulet. Of Life Saving. On the neck of the monster.
  8. Mutated. Roll 2d6 mutations.
  9. Stone. Monster is not stoned. It's made of fucking basalt. Non-magical weapons has no effect on it.
  10. Metal. And you thought that stone dragons are dangerous? This one is made of steel. In addition to above effects, it breathes lightning bolts, summons lightnings when under the sky, electrical damage heals it. Place some high voltage wires near it and voilla. TPK guaranteed.
  11. Immortal. Monster reappears 366 days after its death. And it wants its treasures back.
  12. Divine. It has strong and well organized cult. It's numerous followers will defend their deity.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bandits & Battlecruisers - I can use your help

Yesterday I wrote some news about the game but today I have a big question to you: do you want to see something in the upcoming Bandits & Battlecruisers game that wasn't present in Terminal Space but you think that it will be helpful or interesting? Maybe I've missed something important or you just want to see something extra there?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New stuff in Bandits & Battlecruisers

Over a year has passed since I mentioned about this idea for a first time. Since that day, an idea evolved and changed, from campagin setting (now called Battlestation Omega) to separate rules system, based on (obviously) Bandits & Basilisks and Terminal Space. Game will be an obvious mix of these two products, but I plan to expand it with some additional stuff:
  • Revised skills;
  • More details about creating monsters (additional tables, keywords etc.);
  • More types of starship armament;
  • Damage chart for starship combat (weapon vs. armor types);
  • Security status and trade routes;
  • Something New about sector creation;
  • More example monsters;
  • Artifact generating aids (but not generators - just helpful stuff);
  • Much more example starships.
I think that game will have about 50-70 A5-sized pages.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obsidian Daggers of Traa'shkaa'vassl

  • There was seven Obsidian Daggers of Traa'shkaa'vassl.
  • Each dagger is +5 magic weapon. Opponent hit by it is instantly slain with no saves allowed. After the first hit dagger crumbles to dust.
  • Weapon has no effects on undead, elementals or dragons (they say that Traa'shkaa'vassl was a dragon).
  • First dagger will bring death on its user forty seven days after its usage.
  • Second dagger is destroyed - mad, albino hermit used it to slay the god Je'lok.
  • Third dagger grants defense against all magic, but seventy seventh spell cast on its owner will kill him.
  • Fourth dagger ages its bearer for one month for each day he is possessing it.
  • Fifth dagger is soul-bonded with the Fungal Prophet, the minor god of the Mindless Crawlers. Deity will try to possess dagger's bearer.
  • Sixth dagger is destroyed. Jouur, the Immortal Naga Guardian of the Shadeless Tower in Ibost used it to commit suicide and finally be freed from her curse.
  • Seventh dagger is the most powerful and it can be used three times. It's said that the spirit of Traa'shkaa'vassl is contained in it and after the third usage the Blind Dragon Queen will be free again.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Underworld Day - Wolf's Lair

Ruins of Hitler's Easter Front headquarters in Kętrzyn, Poland. Sadly, never been there - maybe it's time to fix it?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fusō Battleship.

Built in 1912-1914, sunk in 1945, Japanese battleship Fusō was one of the most visually stunning war machines built by mankind. And its 46-metres-high pagoda-like foremast was FUCKING INTIMIDATING.

Some awesome photos of both ships and ship models. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Terminal Space resources?

I'm working on complete list of things made for my Terminal Space supplement - and I need your help. I know that there is some material on Hereticwerks, shitloads of awesome stuff on Swords & Stitchery (why aren't you following this blog?), there is North Battlement Sector and some stuff on ODD74 forums.

Let me know if you know something more.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Traitor King

Rumor table. Ideas about the Traitor King came to my mind about 2 hours ago so don't ask me about any details about him - I know as much as you do :D

  1. King lived about 200 years ago and now is dead.
  2. King betrayed his whole kingdom and condemned it to death. That allowed him to ascend godhood.
  3. He was insane and sold his kingdom to a demons.
  4. He lost his kingdom during a card game with a devil.
  5. King was cursed with immortality for his deeds.
  6. He was a monster disguised as human and one day he devoured all his subjects.
  7. He made pact with previously unknown dark god and sold his kingdom to him.
  8. Although his story begun about 200 years ago, Traitor King is still alive.
  9. King become a god but other deities banished him from their domain.
  10. He became a king because he betrayed his own family and loved ones and led them to death.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Combat abilities of gods

Want to commit deicide? Better be prepared.
(Referee should pick one or more - I prefer to pick almost all of them, except mix of 1 and 2)

  • Deity has 1-15 HD. Multiply HP x100.
  • Deity regenerates all lost HP at the beginning of each combat round.
  • God can cast one spell per round. No slot limits.
  • He / she / it deals double damage to the creatures of opposite alignment.
  • Can be hurt only with magical weapons of +3 or better.
  • AC 0 - treat as AC2 but with additional -2 to-hit.
  • You must pass save vs. magic to attack a god.
  • If you're hit - save vs. magic or die.
  • If god is killed, its body explodes with searing light, dealing 10-60 damage in 100m radius.
  • Deity can attack d6 opponents per round. First opponent (picked at random) is hit automatically.
  • Forget about invisibility, poison, curses, charm and similar nonsenses.
  • If god appeared in humanoid shape, it's vulnerable to humanoid slaying weapons (it deals double damage to him / her). May apply to other forms vs other -slaying weapons.
  • At the beginning of combat, Referee may roll d100 (or simply choose number between 0 and 100). It's god's resistance to spell effects (including fireballs, lightning bolts and any other spells that cause damage). In addition, deity can choose to not use its resistance (i.e. to be healed by their followers).
Any ideas for more stuff like this?

Science and discoveries (Terminal Space / Bandits & Battlecruisers)

Taken from Terminal Space:

Discoveries of ancient technologies, created either by the alien or humanity in the times of long forgotten past may come with a reward in experience points given by the Referee, as well as scientific publications or documentation, released about previously unknown species or worlds. Of course creation of a proper publication requires certain data to be collected, such as sample analysis or – in case of alien creatures – carrying out an autopsy. Of course these activities may be very expensive and time-consuming, but because of great diversity of species inhabiting the universe it’s impossible to create detailed rules covering time and cost needed to succeed. Access to advanced science labs can really speed up the process but can greatly increase the cost.
The amount of experience points given for this kind of activities can be higher than for slaying a monster or finding a treasure. This of course depends on the weight of the discovery. For instance the discovery of a mutated breed of semi-intelligent cockroaches inhabiting an abandoned space station placed in the most remote area in the sector may be rewarded with several dozen XP. On the other hand coordinates of planet that has been forgotten for thousands of years that is habitable and is literally littered with ruins left by an unknown, intelligent civilization can be rewarded with several thousand experience points, not even taking into account how valuable such information could be.

And some new ideas - general guidelines for the Referee how he / she can reward PCs for their discoveries:
  • Usefulness of the discovered species (are they potential threat or can be used as food?);
  • Usefulness of the discovered site (is it just abandoned station or lifeless rock, or maybe exotic gas giant or habitable planet?);
  • How detailed the publication is (just photos of species or planet's coordinates, or maybe captured living specimens or results of analysis of planet's surface and atmosphere plus some physical samples?);
  • Where it is published (sold to half-drunk governor of backwater colony or presented during meeting at Galactic University?);
  • Rediscoveries of the lost wisdom may also be awarded;
  • Also, Referee may increase XP reward if discovery was made "for science only" without any financial benefits.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What the...

What the fuck? I mean, what the fuck? It's hilarious that I didn't noticed it for over two years!

Technology Level reflects the degree by which the character is familiar with advanced (or primitive)
technology as well as its inbred predisposition for using what the world has to offer. This ability does not
have a major impact on game mechanics though it allows the game to become a little bit more interesting by
showing how different can the origin worlds of characters be.


My fucking translators - both of them - are fucking inbred :D

And I'm inbred for not noticing it :D

Twelve cursed dungeon rooms

  1. If cut, you'll bleed to death here.
  2. Time flows d4+1 times faster here.
  3. Venereal diseases (and many ways to catch them).
  4. Tsssssh - your light sources are dead.
  5. Gravity shifts once per hour.
  6. No sounds. Total silence.
  7. Sounds are ten times louder here. May attract monsters from adjacent rooms and corridors.
  8. Invisible acid drips from the ceiling (nasty, eh?).
  9. Vacuum. No air here.
  10. Floor is extremely slippery. Say yes to broken legs and arms.
  11. Water supplies turn to urine. Urinating here produces napalm.
  12. Roll twice and mix the results. If 6 and 7 is hit, instead of normal effect everyone in the room must save vs. death or be instantly annihilated with all their belongings.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Twenty reasons to leave city right now

  1. Riots
  2. Coup
  3. Demonic infestation
  4. Plague of serial killers
  5. Tomorrow 100 random people will be sacrificed to the local deity
  6. Pestilence
  7. Famine
  8. Enemy army is 1-3 days away
  9. Prophecy says that city will be destroyed tomorrow
  10. They think that you are wanted criminal (s)
  11. Monsters emerging from the sewers
  12. Early signs of the earthquake
  13. Fire
  14. Flood (great in cities in the middle of the desert)
  15. Wrath of gods
  16. Mass hallucinations of unknown cause
  17. Mass madness
  18. Dead are rising from the graves
  19. Almost everyone can feel imminent magical disaster
  20. Roll twice and mix the effects!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Underworld Day - Shibam

Small (app. 7000 inhabitants) town in Yemen. It has awesome mudbrick tower houses (up to 11 stories high). Some of them were built in 16th century, which makes them the oldest tower houses in the world.

Friday, June 15, 2012

News about Towers of Krshal

Proofreading of Towers of Krshal is complete (thanks Kyrinn!) and everything seems that it will be available for sale within next week or two. It will be availablein PDF format via lulu, RPGNow and my new, awesome webstore (:D). Printed version will be available shortly after it (at least I hope so).

Stay tuned for more news - probably next one will be "that one" ;)