Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Slaughter of ideas, stitching parts back together

Still here. Still working on some shit, although due to the amazing weather it's extremely hard to sit behind the desk and write some stuff. But some changes are coming.

I decided to butcher some of my unfinished projects - namely the Charon Prime one, Battlestation Omega and other stuff, which became obscure even for me (to be honest, I had to dig through my tag cloud on the blog to even remember some of their names!). They originated from the very old idea, started in 2005. That year I gathered a bunch of my friends and started to create a setting. Unfortunately, there were too many of us and the game stuck in the development hell. It was virtually dead.

I've lost contact with most of the guys involved in the project but the ones I still got in touch with poked me with a "do it" stick from time to time, usually once in two years. But I was sure that for me the whY (that was the name of the game) is deceased for good. But somewhere in 2017 I came to an idea to revive the project and I knew how to do it.

So, back to the present time. I've restarted the project in March 2018. Since then, not much was done. But the vision is clear and this time I started from the right angle - I'm avoiding dragging too many people into this pit and try to focus on the larger image than over-developing the tiny portions of the setting.

How will it end? I don't know, as nothing is certain with my ability to focus and create games (or supplements, or anything that isn't a spoon carved from firewood lol).

Tomorrow (or somewhere in the dark future hahah) I will try to post some more ideas about the game. Wish me luck!