Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Another Underworld Kingdom god!

Zsakrn the Double-Faced is the master of one of the domains of the dead, the Gorge of Grey Mists. Sometimes he allows the dead to communicate with living persons via dreams and omens, mostly to simply baffle and confuse mortals. Also some says that Zsakrn is associated with all bad news, sad events and minor disasters. He feeds on mischief and jealousy, so this may be the cause why he is considered as an rival of the Cockroach King.

Great Cheater is another aspect of Zsakrn, so he has believers amongst many gamblers, tricksters and deceivers. He is also sometimes worshipped by dying people, who want to seek peace in his bleak, silent domain. Priests of Zsakrn are usually very diverse, as some of them are skilled orators, politicians or even demagogues, while others are rather silent and withdrawn keepers of the morgues and burial sites.

Commandments and restrictions: varied, depending on the aspect of Zsakrn – some believers are allowed (or even encouraged) to cheat, deceive and annoy others, while others are more oriented towards matters of the dead, but even them are usually malicious and full of twisted, black humor.

Blessings and rewards: Charisma bonuses, saving throws bonuses, Gambling skill, immune to special attacks of undead.

Curses: transformation into undead after death, multiple personality, extreme malice.

Miracles and signs: grey mists, dimming of lights, strange whispers and laughs, many small and rather insignificant accidents happening at once.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Y - Yeti Staff

Six inches-long staff, made of white wood. If used in combat, it deals +1 ice damage. Also, it has 7 charges that can be used to cast a spell. Unfortunately, each time spell must be randomly determined and there's no known method to predict the spell which is being cast. Roll 1d6 to determine the effect:

  1. Summon the Yeti (monster disappears after 20 combat rounds, moreover it can be controlled only for 7 rounds);
  2. Ice Ball (similar to Fireball, level d4+1)
  3. Like the Coldest Winter Chill
  4. Wintery Floor
  5. Summon Dire Wolves (2d4 wolves appears, must be charmed / controlled with some other method)
  6. Touch of Winter
Yeti Staff can be recharged by putting it into solid block of ice. During each week in the ice it regains 1d3 charges.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


To be honest, I have no idea what I can write for the letter X. Yet Another Useless Names List seems to be the only way to complete the challenge :D
  1. Xss'lnyy
  2. Xavlan Xenren
  3. Xuluo
  4. Xandria
  5. Xanlariel
  6. Xornox
  7. Xuluoth
  8. Xiom Xin
  9. Xu-lia
  10. Xsylien
  11. Xylval
  12. Xertenna
  13. X'phl
  14. Xweirli
  15. Xuir-nanth
  16. Xij-xuu
  17. Xopro'y
  18. XBN-66
  19. Xdetne
  20. Xi-ji
As you can see, creating a names beginning with letter X is really simple and funny task. Also you may try to X-ize your own name :D Xalbert sounds as powerful but slightly pathetic sorcerer, isn't it? :D

Also, some time ago I received some negative comments about my lists of unpronounceable names. Well, I can't deny it BUT I don't view it as a negative feature. In example, weird and hard-to-spell name can be used as a password, which must be correctly spoken to open the door / chest / whatever. What do you think about it?

Friday, April 26, 2013

W - Words of Disgust

New spell, available only to the followers of the Cockroach King. This spell, along with many others, will be published in the Underworld Kingdom Volume Two: Dark Gods, Dark Magic.

WORDS OF DISGUST (Mystic, Level Four) – allows priest to channel powers of the Cockroach King through his / her speech. When this spell is cast, priest starts to babble cryptic words. Everyone hearing his / her voice (including friends and companions of the caster) must save versus magic or their AC is increased by 2, movement is halved and chances to-hit reduced by two. Effects of the spell lasts as long as priest is gibbering the words of his / her god. If caster is attacked, must perform successful WIS check to keep talking.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

V - venomous bite

Not every poisonous bite / kiss must be lethal. This little random table may help you when PC / NPC becomes poisoned. Roll 1d12:

  1. Paralysis for 1d4 rounds (1d4 days if '20' is rolled);
  2. Acute hallucinations, lasting 1d10 minutes;
  3. Dizziness for 1d6 hours (-2 to-hit, +1 AC);
  4. Paralysis of one limb (determine randomly), lasting 2d12 hours;
  5. Blindness for 1d4x5 minutes;
  6. Disease, not poison (determine randomly or just pick one);
  7. Lucky seven! Save or die;
  8. Effect similar to alcohol intoxication, lasting 1d6 hours;
  9. Stat drain (1d4 pick randomly). One point regained per one day of rest;
  10. Permanent 1 HP drain (can be regained during level-up);
  11. Murderous rage, lasting 3d6 rounds;
  12. Seemingly nothing, in fact, allergy to gold, lasting 2d4 days. Each time victim touches gold, he / she / it must save vs. poison or receive 1-2 damage.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U - Umber Tome

Big, dusty tome (it's always dusty, no matter how long you will try to clean it) bound in smelly leather. It is written in the Ho-Ru language and contains following spells:
There is also a small note on the title page, just under the drawing of the Umber Hulk. It's written in some common human language and says that there is a hidden knowledge on page 634. In fact. that page is covered by lethal Umber Mold and anyone who touches it must pass a save vs. poison or immediately loses one experience level. If save is failed, part of the mold is transferred on victim's skin and begins to grow. Each day until it's removed (with magic - traditional ways of healing are unsuccessful),  victim must perform successful save vs. poison or he / she loses a level. When his / her level is reduced to zero, victim's body explodes in the cloud of the Umber Mold.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Torches

Small set of random magical torches. Roll 1d8:
  1. Its light deals 2 damage / turn to all undead within its light radius.
  2. Glows with sick, green light.When lit, it deals 1d6 damage to all living creatures within the light radius (including the bearer).
  3. When lit, it emits unpenetrable darkness instead of light (6-meters radius).
  4. When lit, it explodes after three rounds, dealing 1d8+2 damage to all creatures within the explosion radius (4 meters).
  5. Emits pale, cold light. Any ethereal creature within the light radius can be wounded with non-magical weapons.
  6. Emits strange, blue light. Temperature within its light radius rapidly drops (after several minutes water starts to freeze) and all cold-based attacks deals +1 damage.
  7. Emits faint, red light, its smoke stinks horribly. Effectiveness of any healing spell cast within its light radius is doubled.
  8. Can be lit only with dragon breath. As long as it is lit, its bearer cannot be harmed by any physical attacks.

Monday, April 22, 2013

S - Storm Autocannon

Huge recoilless cannon in gatling configuration. It costs 22450 Credits, takes 15 free space segments and has 400 km range. Each salvo uses six shells (eight if the weapon's motors are overheated). If the opponent is hit, roll 1d6 to determine how many projectiles he ate. Each projectile deals 1d4 damage, due to reduced projectile velocity.

It's possible to overheat weapon's subsystems. In this case, succesful Science skill check is required. Overheated Storm Autocannon uses 8 shells per salvo and eight-sided dice should be used to determine how many projectiles hit the target. However, if Science skill check is failed by 20% or more, weapon is damaged and needs to be repaired. If 96-00 is scored, Storm Autocannon explodes, dealing 3 damage to ship's structure and causes one immediate critical hit effect.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

R - the Red Vengeance

One of the most notorious pirate ships, the Red Vengeance is a Subduer-Class Battlecruiser commanded by imperial fleet deserter, former admiral Kaliss Vanth. She refused to participate in the planetary bombardment on her own homeworld and fled with her ship to become a pirate, specialized in attacking military convoys.

Hull: CR (25 structure points, -20% basic Pilot skill modifier) 
Armor: ultrasteel (130) 
Reactor: expanded 
Drive Class: B 
Maneuvering Thrusters: two additional sets (total Pilot skill modifier +0%) 
Jump Drive: yes 
Sensors: military +10% 
Jamming Systems: -20% 
Armament: three graviton cannons
Ammo: none 
Shield Generator: Omega (65%, reduced by the Ultrasteel interference)
Cargo Space: 40t 
Other: battle bridge, stasis prison cells for 24 people, 70t fuel bay, two external docking points.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Some really uncool quests that may given by evil gods. Roll 1d10:

  1. Kill three high priests of the opposite cult.
  2. Capture the Angelic Being and sacrifice it in the Black Volcano
  3. Desacrate the main temple of the opposite cult.
  4. Bring me still beating hearts of 13 demons.
  5. Bring me the Elixir of Life and Elixir of Death.
  6. Gather the Seven Runes of Power and bring them to me.
  7. Bring me one of the Obsidian Daggers.
  8. Find the mummified corpse of Xsharnath, long-dead champion of mine, and bring him back to life.
  9. Bring me five Void Swords.
  10. Find the crown of the Traitor King and bring it to me.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

P - Plague Carriers

Roll 1d8 or just pick one (or more!):
  1. Giant, undead dog, constantly coughing with clouds of toxic spores.
  2. Swarm of albino rats covered with strange, violet fungus.
  3. Large, moulting bat, infected with brain-drilling larvae.
  4. Black, sickly looking birds. Green, infected pus is dripping from their eyes.
  5. Small child covered with glowing boils.
  6. Swarm of blood-red cockroaches. Their bite can transfer mutagenic virus.
  7. Undead locust the size of a horse. Can spit corrosive goo full of maggots.
  8. Large, grey toads, covered with mucus that causes Tongue Rot Disease.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O - Orb of Torment

Yet another magical gem. Its effects depends on the item in which it is installed:
  • If used as part of the jewelry, its wearer is immune to pain (all non-magical damage reduced by 2). However, if he / she is hit by a demon or undead, received damage is doubled (and not reduced).
  • If Orb is used as part of melee weapon, each creature hit with it starts to bleed (1-2 points of damage each round until wound is treated). Of course it has no effect on demons, undead, constructs and other beings having no blood.
  • If it's used as part of magical wand or staff, magic item deals 1-6 damage to its target in addition to normal effect (may be really funny if mixed with healing wands).
  • If Orb of Torment and Jewel of Pain are used to decorate a melee weapon, it becomes +5 magical weapon, dealing double damage to all Good or Lawful beings and half of damage to all Chaotic or Evil beings.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N - Necrotic Phlegm (new spell)

Necrotic Phlegm (new spell, MU 3)

This spell allows caster to spit highly corrosive, toxic mucus. Range of spit is about 3 meters, any non-magical armor provides only partial protection (-2 to AC). Victim recieves 1-8 damage and must pass save vs. Poison to avoid rapid septic infection (after one round -3 to-hit and -1 to damage due to severe pain and convulsions).

Caster of the spell may spit phlegm once for each of his experience level but can do it only once per two rounds of combat. In addition, this spell leaves him / her with horrible aftertaste.

Monday, April 15, 2013

M - Morbid Lantern

Seemingly ordinary rusty oil lantern. If lit, it emits ghostly, pale light. It has light radius of 20 feet and following things may happen within that range:

  • There is 30% chance that each hit dealt by any undead will score double damage;
  • There is 20% that each hit recieved by any undead will score only one point of damage;
  • Each wound dealt within lantern's light radius automatically becomes infected;
  • There is 10% that each healing potion drank will have no effect;
  • Finally, Wraiths and Spectres will have +2to-hit bonus as long they remain within the light radius.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

L - lesser demons

Roll 1d8 or whatever.
  1. Black Imp. Skinny and slimy. Can vomit a black, toxic tar.
  2. Clockwork Imp. Made of brass mechanisms. Can jam locks and break machinery.
  3. Demonic Ladybug. Rather pathetic but has acidic bite.
  4. Demonic Earthworm. Can dig through almost anything. Very intelligent (!).
  5. Slimy Imp. Very slimy. Eat the slime to experience acute hallucinations.
  6. Eye Imp. Has one very big eye. Can see through walls.
  7. Nose Imp. Has a very big, pointy nose. Can smell gold and jewelry.
  8. Cock Imp. No.. it has beak and is covered with feathers. Can command poultry.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Blog of the Month - Redwald

If you are searching for the OSR blog that is quite different - genre-oriented, non-pulpy and set in historical / mythical world - here you go! I'm eagerly waiting for the day when Redwald RPG will be released.

K is for the Keys!

Another lazy post. Six (from twenty) unusual keys from the Towers of Krshal booklet. Buy it if you don't have it yet! Roll d6:
  1. Bone Triangular Key. Opens doors to any morgue and crypt. 
  2. Red Crystal Key. Can open every lock but after d6+1 usages it explodes, causing 2d8 damage. 
  3. Golden Lock Pick. Jams every lock. 
  4. Iron key of Giants. About 12” long. Can open every lock but only if it can fit into it. 
  5. Black Iron Key. Has small ruby which glows if lock is protected by a trap. 
  6. Platinum Triangle Key. Hums if lock is magical.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

J - Jewel of Pain

Magical gem, looking like glowing fire opal, with very simple effects:
  • If used as part of jewelry, such as rings, diadems or necklaces, wearer of such item must save vs. magic each time when he / she is hit in combat. If save is failed, received damage is doubled.
  • If used to decorate a melee weapon, makes that weapon magical. Every living being (not robots, undead or elementals) hit by this weapon must make successful save vs. magic or damage is doubled.
  • If used as a part of magical wand, staff and other spell-casting device, it explodes during first attempt of using the item. Explosion has radius of 3 meters and deals 1-12 damage.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I - Immolator Missile

Heavy starship missile, designed to punch through ship's armor and explode inside it, unleashing raging inferno, capable of burning whole ships in a matter of hours.

If hit, missile causes "normal" d6 damage but in addition to it, it has chance of piercing through ship's plating and cause much more serious damage. Chance of armor piercing is based on its type and target's hull type:

Unarmored: 100%
Titanium: 90%
Ceramite: 75%
Reactive: 60%
Carbide: 45%
Ultrasteel: 25%

Hull types (and thus armor durability points) provides modifiers to armor piercing chance:

FT: +20%
LF: +20%
SF: +10%
FR: +0%
CR: -10%
CS: -20%

If armour is pierced, secondary warhead explodes inside the ship, immediately causes d4 points of structural damage. Fire burns each round, causing loss of one structure point and one critical effect per round until extinguished. Rules of fighting with fire should be prepared by a Referee and should be based on crew levels, additional equipment, ship design, morale, cargo etc etc etc.

Immolator Missiles costs about 4000 credits and may be fired only with heavy launchers. Effective range 2500 kilometers.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H - Hellcrawlers

Found on DA - click on it it u want more info.

Demonic centipedes, covered with black-red spiky armor. Typical Hellcawler is 4-6 meters long and it's not very smart for a demon. However, it's main role is to destroy everything within reach of its mandibles.

Hellcrawlers are immune to non-magical weapons and fire, their bite deals 3 dice of damage and are able to breathe fire (narrow cone 12 meters-long, d8 damage + chance to catch fire). They regenerate d6 HP per turn, also each fire-based attack heals their wounds (d6 per attack - no worries that L8 fireball will completely heal them!). They can burrow through stone, concrete or even cast iron with a half of their movement ratio.

There is no known methods of Hellcrawler summoning except asking other demons to do so.

No. appearing: 1-3
Armor Class: 3
Move in Inches: 9
Hit Dice: 5-9
% in Lair: -
Treasure: their mandibles are made from a very hard stuff and can be very valuable.

Inspired by name of this band:

Monday, April 8, 2013

G - Ghatanothoa Statue

Ghatanotoa himself.
Stone statue, approximately one meter tall, depicting one of the Great Old Ones, Ghatanotoa. It was made of stone brought by Mi-Go from Yuggoth and was broken into six pieces.

Each part resembles fossilized parts of mixed bodies and bones of cephalopods, arachnids and fishes. Although it does not have any particular powers, it seems to be rather disturbing. Additionally, Detect Magic spell (or some spell or device with similar effects) may detect strong magical power sleeping in the fragments.

Dreadful truth about the statue is fact that anyone who look at the Ghatanotoa is instantly petrified. What is even worse - although victim turns to stone, it's still alive and conscious. Without possibility to hear, speak, see or move, each day he / she falls deeper and deeper into madness.

Of course, statue is an almost perfect image of the Great Old One, so it has exact effect as a god himself. No saving throw is allowed to overcome the effect and only spells like Wish or Raise Dead (remember that there is no "typical" Raise Dead spell in my campaign) or divine intervention can reverse the effect of the figurine.

Referee may scatter the fragments of the statue on the whole map of his current campaign or even place it in several places (such as treasure chests or monster lairs) in single (mega)dungeon. The choice is yours :D

Saturday, April 6, 2013

F - Fractal Gun

Alien artifact from the Bandits & Battlecruisers game!

Alien-crafted weapon, made from some kind of smoky crystal. It can have shape of ovoid handgun, short rifle or very long, lance-like rifle. When fired, it emits strange, black, two-dimensional sheets, capable of rending almost everything.

Weapon deals normal damage (d6), but there is no armor (primitive, hi-tech or magical) which can provide any protection. Every non-gaseous, non-ethereal creatures is treated as having AC9 against fractal guns. It can hit multiple targets (if several opponents are in line) but it's range is limited to exactly 14 meters.

If found as a part of a treasure, fractal gun has d1000 charges left, if looted from a corpse 2d100. There is no known way to recharge it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Kefitzah Haderech is out now!

As I mentioned before, I am one of the co-authors of the small, 32-paged booklet about magical portals, teleports and gates. You should check it out, mostly because it contains d666 random destination table and it's really cheap - cheaper than my Towers of Krshal :-)

E - Enervator Implant (Charon Prime)

Spinal cyberimplant, resembling a mix of chain and barbed wire. It's connected with host's neural network and requires Black Dust to operate. One dose of Black Dust lasts for about a year of standby functions or about one hundred charges. Beware the fact that if Enervator Implant runs out of its "fuel" it may cause serious problems with its owner's health, including paralysis or even death.

To activate implant, its user must stare into victim's eyes and spend one Hit Point. Effective range of the device is about 3-4 meters. Target must make successful save vs. death or immediately feel strong nausea, dizziness and exhaustion, which causes1d3 HP loss, -1 to-hit, +1 to AC for 2d6 rounds. Effects are cumulative, but device needs three rounds to recharge before another "shot". If taget fails three saving throws in a row, loses consciousness and dies within 1-8 rounds.

Enervator Implants are not manufactured for centuries - probably their design is based on the works of the Hollow Ones and wisdom about their production is now forgotten. The only method to obtain one is to rip it from the body of its user. Black Market prices for implants can reach tens of thousands of gold pieces.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

D - Devastator Torpedoes

Powerful weapon for use in your Terminal Space or Bandits and Battlecruisers game.

Devastator Torpedoes are immense missiles, capable of destroying almost any target with a single hit. Their launchers are so big that they must be installed on Dreadnoughts or battle stations.

Devastator Torpedoes are equipped with own targetting systems (+10% to Weapon Systems skill) and have effective range of 25000 kilometers. High velocity of the missile causes serious problems with dodging it (-20%). Each torpedo has 20 points of carbide armor. Its fusion warhead deals 2d10x10 damage to a starship or space station and can be reprogrammed for "tremor blast", which deals only d6x10 damage to a starship or space station, but bunkers, cities or other rock/concrete installations receive 2d20x10 damage. After shooting a torpedo, reloading the launch tube requires three rounds of space combat (30 minutes).

Devastator Launcher is turret-mounted weapon system. It requires 12 crew members per launch tube. Additionally, each launch tube requires at least 3rd officer and launcher needs at least 6th level commanding officer. Launcher's turret has 86-point carbide armor, auxiliary sensors (allows shooting with -30% even if ship's bridge and/or sensors are destroyed), auxiliary power source and storage for three Devastator Torpedoes per launch tube.

Each missile costs 30000 credits, three-tube launcher cost is about 250000 credits (size 20), four-tube 350000 (size 25).

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New "Project P" Blog

I don't know how often I will update it but I thought that I'll need some "new grounds" for my non-D&D simulacrum game (mentioned here and here). If you're interested in something different than yet another Dungeons and Dragons clone / supplement, something not necessarily 100% playable but - hopefully - interesting and adaptable - follow my new blog :-)

I think that if the experiment fails, I will repost most interesting things here and shut it down. But still I believe that I can do it. Especially because I like to work on several project at the same time.

C is for the Cockroach King!

Random find. I like it! :D

Patron of greed, hunger and thirst (not necessarily in the literal sense). Sometimes he is named as the Keeper of the Vermin because of his name and images. It’s said that he gathers army of arthropods to infest realms of other gods or maybe even material world. Due to his unpredictable and malignant nature sometimes he sends plagues of vermin and diseases and instills jealousy and greed in people’s hearts, just to cause wars and conflicts.

Keeper of the Vermin is often worshipped by people driven by lust and greed. He has followers both in the Underworld Kingdom and on the surface world, but not everywhere his cult is approved. As almost every other god, he accept human sacrifices, but they are not necessary – he may accept almost any other gifts as well. It’s said that he craves for rotten food, foul wine and any kind of drugs. His priests are often dirty, morbid sybarites but some of them are silent and withdrawn keepers of vast knowledge, often about both fighting and spreading diseases plagues. 

Commandments and restrictions: followers of the Cockroach king must attempt to kill any giant arthropod they manage to find, just to send them to their master to fuel up ranks of his army. They must not avoid any kind of pleasures of the flesh but are not limited when it comes to other things. 

Blessings and rewards: resistance for effects of poisons, toxins, drugs and alcohol, immunity to diseases, ability to command arthropods of various kinds, ability to digest even the most decayed and rotten food. 

Curses: parasites (STR -1), horrible boils and festers (CHA reduced to d3), attracting all insects (ants, flies, cockroaches, centipedes and even giant beetles!), permanent alcoholic intoxication (may be fun until your liver starts to fall apart), becoming plague carrier (not immune to its effects). 

Miracles and signs: clouds of flies, water poisoning, horrible stench, rain of alcohol, sudden need to organize a mass orgy.

This entry is taken from the upcoming Underworld Kingdom booklet, called Dark Gods, Dark Magic. Most likely it will be published this month!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

100 Volume One downloads!

After three days, Explorers of the Unknown were downloaded exactly 100 times (and previewed exactly 100 times too)! Thanks alot :-)

B - Black Fungi

Tall (about 3 meters high), thin and pointy mushrooms, covered with thick layer of slimy, tar-like black mucus. They emit pleasant odor and faintly violet glow.

Unfortunately, Black Fungi are lethal monsters, capable to kill almost any opponent. They are able to move (in similar way to Jade Shamblers) and attack their opponent with long tentacle-like outgrowths sprouting from their base. Tentacles are about 2 meters long, can attack d6 opponents each round and are covered with cnidocysts (save vs. poison or die in horrible pain within 2d6 rounds). In addition, tar-like mucus can trap weapons used to attack the Black Fungi (STR or less on d20 to release the weapon) and it's toxic (if digested or contacted with open wound, save vs. poison or lose 1 hp for each round until save is succesfull or victim drops dead). Also, Black Fungi are able to intensify their odor to confuse their opponents (no effect except possible panic attacks - "they're releasing some toxic gas!") and attract other Black Fungi. When killed, they explode with cloud of spores and emits huge amount of scent into the air (may attract Black Fungi being even 5 kilometers away).

No. appearing: 1-3
Armor Class: 5
Move in Inches: 4
Hit Dice: 7
% in lair: -
Treasure: their spores or mucus may have some value, if you know the right persons.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Underworld Kingdom Volume One prints now available on Lulu!

In addition to free download of the Underworld Kingdom Volume One, now you may purchase a paperback print via Lulu.com. It's price is rather reasonable (at least in my opinion) :-)

Underworld Kingdom Volume One: Explorers of the Unknown - buy a Lulu Print!

EDIT: I don't know when I'll manage to add more of my stuff to my RPGNow webstore. They have ridiculous requirements of PDF preparations which require the newest editions of Acrobat. My old 7.0 is unable to prepare a file properly so I'm sorry - right now I can't add more of my stuff (such as Towers of Krshal or Terminal Space) to RPGNow.

A - Ash'kari

Ash'kari is a race of space-faring humanoids, which emerged to our space through Crimson Rift - large anomaly that rended fabric of time-space near the solar system. They created vast empire, consisting about twenty star system in the Crimson Dimension.

Here are some special features of the Ash'kari people and their empire:
  • All warriors are female, all wizards and sorcerers are male.
  • Ash'kari don't use "traditional" technology - most of their stuff is bio-engineered, including spaceships.
  • They do not use jump drive technology. Instead of it, they have devices (or rather organs of their bio-ships) called null-drives, which allow them to enter Nullspace.
  • Their warriors have strict code of honor but it not necessarily applies to humans. It's left to interpretation of particular warrior.
  • There is no formal war between humans and Ash'kari, but due to numerous human ship losses, conflict seems to be inevitable.
  • Some merchants and freelancers, both human and Ash'kari, were allowed to travel through solar system and Crimson Dimension. Unfortunately, some of them never returned.
  • They say that Ash'kari sorcerers are the masters of illusion and are able to summon huge space monsters.
  • Outlanders were the main inspiration for this nation.