Wednesday, August 29, 2018

[work-related] A... mousepad?

It took me five hours to draw this map, and as you can see it's still far from being complete (I recoil in terror when I think about adding doors and secret passages but yeah, it's my task for today).

But it's not a map! At least not per se - it will not be published as one.

As it's the project related with my day job, I have a question for you - will you be interested with a mousepad with such design? Or maybe a playmat with much bigger old school dungeon map?

Most likely it will be available on this year's Essen Spiel gaming fair :)

PS. I will still produce small, cheap and ugly PDFs with my stuff. I just need to regain my focus on the hobby side of my daily activities (or at least gaming hobby, as I have lots of them). Yeah, excuses, excuses...