Saturday, April 23, 2016

News, news, news

Once again, I became silent. And I'm sorry for that - once again. But it seems that I'll have no choice and I will be literally forced to post new content on this blog. The reason is simple.

After almost eighteen years in the hobby, by biggest dream came true.

With the beginning of May, I'll start full-time job as a tabletop game designer.

Of course, mostly we will work on the board games (we have several ideas and most likely I'll post any progress here) but also we have idea to further develop my RPG-related stuff - mainly Polish edition of Bandits and Battlecruisers and Terminal Space, but also we think about creating the revised edition of BandB. But board games (and maybe non-collectible card games as well) will be our priority.

More info soon!

PS. I'm fucking pissed that I missed this year's AtoZ Blogging Challenge. Well, maybe it's time to finally create the Space Alphabet?