Monday, February 6, 2023

Year Thirteen

Yes. 13 is many years. I like to blog, I do not like schedules.

But you know what? I do not owe anything to anyone in terms of releasing my shit on any kind of schedule. In fact, no one can force me to release my shit at all! Pain is complete and still unreleased. I think it's a really good game - but I cannot make it happen. I still have no strength to finish the artwork. And I don't have - and most likely will never have - strength to promote my games, my music, my art.

And I don't fucking care.

I do have my day job and I can still afford to eat. And even though I like when people buy my stuff, I find it extremely stressful to promote myself and my creations. I find zero joy in doing any kind of promotion - even sending the review copies hurts my brain haha (especially because approximately 75% of all people who received the review materials never bothered to review them). So - fuck it. I don't care anymore. I just want to create and release shit, even if no one will ever read it, yet alone use it in his/her/its games. The process of creation should be the reward itself.

OK, so what are my plans for this year, in terms of hobby?

None, to be honest. I never was able to keep up with promises, so fuck them. I do work on something new/old/whatever right now (another successor of the Terminal Space) but it will be quite big, with weird artwork and totally packed with gibberish nonsense. But it will take me years to complete it. So no promises.

All be well.



Friday, February 3, 2023

Ashen Void - no art edition

For those who hate AI art, hate artpunk, hate color rulebooks - grab the PDF both PDF and EPUB ebook files in the link below. Absolutely no hideous art, just slightly formatted text.