Friday, March 23, 2018

Perilous Frontiers!


So, I decided what to do next. Perilous Ages in Outer Space!

What you can expect from it:
  • Percentile, skills-lite mechanics;
  • Gritty critical hits;
  • Gonzo space monsters;
  • Random tables (I absolute love making them);
  • Huge delays of the release date and lots of empty promises!
Most likely I'll transplant some ideas and lists from the Bandits and Battlecruisers (I'm thinking about the monster creation and keywords lists).

Still I don't know what to do with the sector creation and space travel rules. I don't want to fuck you right in the wallet for transplanting these things over and over, from Terminal Space, through Bandits and Battlecruisers, into this project. And I don't have any ideas how to do it differently (actually I *do* have one idea but I'm not sure if it will fit), also, all these endavours  are very tedious and time-consuming.

Thus, most likely I will skip all these aspects of the game, just to focus on more planetary actions this time.

Or maybe you have some ideas how to figure it out?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Post #666 - additional stats

Yup, I'm still alive.

Posting new content was severely hindered by, well, mountain biking, Magic: the Gathering (coming back to this game might be a big mistake lol) and playing Fallen London. But yes, I am still amongst the living.

Speaking of Fallen London - this game inspired me to write this post. As it was mentioned in Bandits and Battlecruisers on page 10 - additional statistics can be used to add depth to the characters. Following stat blocks are inspired by the Abovementioned game (which I highly recommend if you're into text-based games - I guess you are lol).

Bizarre - you are not the ordinary man (or woman). Some peculiar quirks of your looks / behavior / aura that surrounds you are more that different from the masses.

Dreaded - people are avoiding you, not because of your reputation or deeds of the pase - there is something higly unnerving or even utterly nightmarish in your general appearance.

Respectable - aura of nobility surrounds you. You are the one who is destined to greatness.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Lunation: Board Game rulebook download (Alpha)

We decided to not wait until the very beginning of the KS campaign and show you the Alpha version of the Lunation rulebook :) Enjoy!
  • Text boxes with the red umm, text contain info about the future changes in the booklet;
  • Most of the rules are in their final shape;
  • General layout is almost final, however we encourage you to share your feelings and ideas with us :)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Lunation Board Game - approaching the Grand Finale...

It all started in May 2016, when I got the job I dreamt of for eighteen years. With only basic ideas of the game in my mind (planetary systems consisting of cards, custom combat dice and space combat of whole fleets instead of numerous types of ships), I started thinking. And it seems that I thought it out prett well ;)

Now, afer the several delays, in most cases not directly connected with the game itself, we are approaching the end - in the form of the Kickstarter campaign, which will determine whether we are good or we suck.

Game was tested extensively - to the point I was on the verge of throwing up! There was a moment (to be honest, three months-long moment!) I was unable to play the game - I was just sitting there, taking notes, asking and answering questions. Polishing and clarifying the rules, filling up the FAQ section of the rulebook, correcting the minor and major flaws in the game design, card design... you name it.

My work on Lunation is almost done - maybe except the promo vid for the KS campaign (I started to learn the basics of Adobe After Effects). And music, both for campaign video and bonus, Kickstarter-exclusive soundtrack. And texts for the campaign itself. Well, better get back to work!

Here is the main list of the not so obvious aspects and components of the game:
  • There will be no cardboard tokens in the box - all counters, First Player marker, Power points and character movers will be laser-cut from acrylic sheets. Most of them in fluo colors (yay!). Fleets will be made of resin.
  • As I mentioned before, game will feature custom Combat Dice, produced by Q Workshop.
  • We got rid of the gameboard - it was nice but game performs well without it. What is much more important, this will significantly reduce the manufacturing costs - and - what is even more important - the shipping costs.
  • Of course there will be lots of KS-exclusive goodies and add-ons, such as battle mats (if you want to have something to replace the now-missing gameboard), OST, T-shirts and posters :)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also, for the IG users, follow us there!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Charon Prime - rumours about the House Alcanter

Roll 1d10 or just pick one.
  1. They say that every member of the family must be slain at age 66. Otherwise he / she will transform into some unspeakable monstrosity.
  2. Only one-third of their children survive; probably most of them are too mutated to live. 
  3. They have numerous followers in the Cult of the Eyeless Face. Most likely they are the cause of the hideous mutations amongst the cultists. 
  4. Once in a year, they conduct the Carnival of Blood - an event that engulfs the whole Fifth Quarter in madness.
  5. Members of the House carry the jewelry made from precious metals, gems and remains of their ancestors. Obviously, these items are cursed.
  6. They cure their madness by consuming the infants of noble blood. In most cases, they devour their own kin.
  7. Each member of the Noble House of Alcanter must perform the Ming-Purging Rituals once per year to maintain their sanity. Obviously, these rites make them even more mutated and repulsive.
  8. They say that ordinary people invited to their parties and games end up utterly insane. Or just disappear, never to be found again.
  9. They keep strange animals as pets, such as talking goats, featherless parrots or levitating fish.
  10. There is a hidden meaning in all of their weird acts and words. Probably it's hidden in the Codex Ignis, ancient scripture that's been recently stolen from the Silent Library. 
As the time will pass, I will post rumours about all of the Noble Houses of the Citadel of Rust. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Charon Prime - general mood

Think of it as a mix of Roadside Picnic and Dune. I think it's the best description.

Duh, once again I became silent. However, there are still some fresh ideas I want to post here, let's hope I will be able to do it before procrastination kicks in again...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Free items

Items listed below can be obtained by PCs for free at various locations (marketplaces etc.). Treat them as a garbage (items, not the PCs!).
  1. Slightly rusty chain, 1ft;
  2. Short oar;
  3. Half a loaf of bread, somewhat stale;
  4. Clay mug with missing handle;
  5. Small tallow candle;
  6. Half-burned incense stick (3% that it's magical)
  7. Mouse trap;
  8. Fishing rod made of stick. Line is snapped after 3ft;
  9. Short stick of chalk;
  10. Club made of table leg;
  11. Smoked sardine;
  12. An apple (9% that it's a worm inside it);
  13. Padlock without a key;
  14. Knife / shank made of a half of scissors;
  15. Small stool;
  16. Horseshoe in perfect condition;
  17. Dusty linen bag;
  18. Flea-ridden felt hat;
  19. Pair of wooden shoes;
  20. Pot lid made of tin.


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