Monday, March 11, 2019

[whY] The Void Moth

This entry, although it depicts a monster from whY setting, also brings to you a sneak peak of the game mechanics that will be used in the game. Of course, it's the same system I've presented to you as the Perilous Ages game.

Type: Demon
Rarity: Unique

STR: 57%
DEX: 91% Inhuman+3, Flying
CON: 49%
INT: 66%
LCK: 89% Blasphemous
WIL: 34% Immunity
PER: 66%
LEA: 45%

MELEE: 69%
DEFENSE: 76% Dodge while Flying
VP: 147

Weapons: Bite d6+1+2 Poison (Paralysis + Insanity)
Armor: 4 Magical
Other Traits: Arcane 99% Stealth 89% while Flying, Invisibility Aura (d4+2 minutes)

More classic stats:
HD 10, AC2, Movement 24 Flying, poisonous bite (sv vs Magic or paralysis for d4 hours)

Friday, March 8, 2019

[whY] General mood of the setting

Well, this time I will try hard to provide you with something more than gibberish quotes and cryptic random tables. However, I prefer to create stuff in a form that will be easy for you to cherry pick the parts that should suit the best your campaigns. So, it can still be a bit confusing and unclear. But I like it as it is.
  • Almost exactly one thousand years ago some unspeakable cataclysm shredded the world to pieces. The old order is shattered.
  • Space-time was ripped apart, the remains are now called the Shards. Moving between them is complicated and dangerous.
  • Humans are not the only inhabitants of the Shards. There are the Unliving - hideous mix of flesh and machine, the Demonic - hybrids of men and extra-dimensional entities and the Inhuman - various generations of mutants. Most of them are hostile towards mankind.
  • The Guild controls the world. They are old, very old. Perhaps predecessing the Fall. Their oppresive rule stretches over most of the Shards.
  • The Hollow Ones were the masters of the world before the Fall. Now they are gone (here you can read the old post about them - however, you should bear in mind that many things may change).
  • Number of Shards is hard to determine - some may appear for the first time, some can vanish without a trace. Only few of them are explored, even smaller numbers are inhabited.
  • World is a dangerous place, full of anomalies, monsters and other perils. But people still want to delve into the unknown, looking for knowledge of the past and artifacts of old.

Friday, March 1, 2019

[whY] Quote #1

“One thousand years ago there was the Fall - a cataclysm which destroyed the world. We have been betrayed, millions have died. We were plunged into darkness, lost everything. 
Now the backwards, primitive descendants of once great live amongst the ruins of the old order, on the Shards, the only remains of our reality. We are exposed to the unspeakable evil of the Inhuman, of the Unlife, of the Demonic. 
The end is near. 
At last.” 
Koaash, Overlord of the Red Pit

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Magical Eggs

Players stumble upon the strange, violet egg. It is approximately two feet tall and although its shell seems to be translucent, it is actually impossible to take a peak into its inside. If the players choose to crack the egg, roll 1d12 to determine what's inside:
  1. Cockatrice chick, helpless but friendly (can be trained as pet);
  2. 2d8x317 gp, covered with manure;
  3. Cloud of colorful fumes. You may roll this table to determine its nature;
  4. Void Dragon hatchling;
  5. Human child / small humanoid skeleton (inanimated), holding a gem in its hands;
  6. Egg explodes with cloud of filthy rags - 1d3 concussion damage in ten feet radius;
  7. Large, animated skeleton of a duckling (pathetic stats);
  8. Ordinary contents of an egg (edible, 15% for being rotten);
  9. Young Crystal Serpent;
  10. Egg is empty but it emits strange, ringing noise when cracked open;
  11. Trans-dimensional portal opens;
  12. FML, there's another egg inside this one (but it is bright green)!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

[whY] The Guild

  1. They are the descendants of the Hollow Ones’ minions. 
  2. The Guild are the only ones who are able to communicate between the Shards. 
  3. They gained their power through the demonic pacts. Now the payback time is coming. 
  4. They are the last ones who understand at least a portion of the technology of the past.
  5. No one ever saw the members of the Inner Circle, not even other members of the Guild. 
  6. Only descendants of the Guild members can join their ranks. They perform some kind of “gene-tests” on the recruits, whatever it means… 
  7. They claim to be “maintaining the balance” but it’s just one of their countless lies.
  8. Almost every aspect of their lives and deeds is heavily ritualized, entangled in long chain of over-complicated prayers and rites.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

[whY] The Fall

  1. The Hollow Ones. They built the Machine. 
  2. World - both space and time - was ripped apart. 
  3. They tried to open a portal to Hell - and they succeeded. The results, however, were far beyond their expectation. 
  4. The device which destroyed the world is still there. Still active, pouring its poisons into our reality. 
  5. Remains of the Machine are rooted deep inside the every Shard. That’s why the Shards are surrounded by the aura of… artificiality. 
  6. The Machine was so powerful that not only our world, our dimension was destroyed. Some other, dark world was also shattered. And mixed with the remains of ours.
  7. Someone tried to save the world from global disaster but it led to another catastrophe, maybe even worse than the one from which he tried to save us. 
  8. The world was much better place before the Fall. It was safer and brighter. Technology was much more advanced but now most of the wisdom of the past is lost. 
(I will explain later ; I'm sorry, you must be patient)

Monday, February 25, 2019

Ortix Year Eight, blogging Year Nine

Well, time flies. I'm older, fatter and most likely dumber than before.

I am blogging for almost (or maybe even over, if my now defunct Polish blog counts) nine years. And each year I plan to create more stuff and post more content. And I fail miserably.

So, this year, I do not promise you anything. I do not declare that I will release anything new. It is totally pointless.

But I will try. I still have some tricks up my sleeve. And I feel the growing urge to create something. Wish me well, I will need your support :D

Also, as you probably know, Google is soon nuking the Geeplus. Which sucks alot. I liked this platform. And - as fecesbook sucks ass and I noticed some migration tendencies amongst fellow geeks - today I created my MeWe account, solely for the RPG/OSR-related bullshit.


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