Monday, February 28, 2011

Alderamin, the Cold Star

Alpha Cephei (α Cep, α Cephei) is a second magnitude star in the constellation of Cepheus that is relatively close to Earth at only 49 light years. It has the traditional name Alderamin, an Arabic name meaning "the right arm".
Alderamin is a subgiant or a dwarf of spectral type A7 IV-V, its absolute magnitude is 1.58 m. The mass of the star is about 1.9 times the mass of the Sun, while the diameter is 3.5 million kilometers. This star has a surface temperature up to 7600K, its luminosity is 18 times larger than the sun.
Around the year 7500, due to the precession Alderamin  will take place the North Star on the celestial sphere.

(from Wikipedia)

Alderamin is a sun of Ortix. Inhabitants of the planet call it the Cold Star. Tts name come from the fact that it is much farther from the planet than our sun. Although it warms Ortix as much as the Sun warms the Earth, but it's visible only as a small point in the sky. Its light is pale and cold.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cross section map of Ortix

This map was posted nine months ago on TS blog, but it's still most recent map of Ortix. Maybe some day I will make some cross section maps of moons and specific locations (i.e. Tombs of K'reen or Blackcrag).

Because of significant changes in current shape of the campaign, consider this info as the "old stuff" - it will be heavily modified.

Bunch of inspirations

This is a list of my greatest inspirations, both discovered now and years ago, when I just started my adventure with role playing games.

This list appeared earlier on my first blog, but now I have published the most recent version of it.


Karl Edward Wagner - Kane series
Steven King - Dark Tower series
Andre Norton - Witch World series
Roger Zelazny - Amber series
C. J. Cherryh - Serpent's Reach
Brian Aldiss - Non Stop, Helliconia trilogy
Steven Erikson - Malazan Book of the Fallen series
Clifford D. Simak - City
J. R. R. Tolkien - Roverandom (it rocks!)
H. P. Lovecraft - everything
Frederik Pohl - Gateway
Larry Niven - Ringworld series
Snorri Sturlusson - Edda
Njáls saga
Sigrid Undset - Legends of King Arthur
Arkady & Boris Strugatsky - Roadside Picnic


Mordor 1.1 - Depths of Dejenol
Exile III - Ruined World
Ancient Domains of Mystery
Robinson's Requiem
Cave Story
Knytt & Knytt Stories

Manga & Anime:

Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust
Almost everything by Studio Ghibli (even Tonari No Totoro!)


New Blog!

So I decided to start a new blog. Yay!

First and foremost - my english level is really low, so it may be a little bit funny - both for you and for me. This may also cause some posts will resemble "raw meat" - pure content without sophisticated form of (very brief introduction - or no introduction at all, the content indicated in the points, etc). Content over form :-)

So what's the reason for the creation of this blog? It is very simple - I needed a place to publish my science fantasy / Sword & Planet materials created by me in the last fourteen years of playing. They will be (or alredy has been) adapted to the OD&D ruleset (or the old school RPG in general), because most of my works were created in an era when we when we played without any system of rules - we used only our imagination.
What is obvious, some of the rules will use the Terminal Space supplement.

As the first I will place here materials from my other blog, then I'll try to add new data as often as possible. Note: Remember that role-playing games are not my only hobby, so sometimes I can "disappear" for some time.

OK, time to start!