Monday, May 13, 2024

Weird Quirks of Ship AI (Terminal Space/SWN/Sci-Fi weirdness)


  1. Believes to be a person, imprisoned somewhere aboard the ship.
  2. Claims to be possessed by a Nebular Demon.
  3. Previously installed on a hi-tech Black Ops spy ship. Memory wiped.
  4. Sometimes glitches out and spews gibberish numbers. The numbers are in fact a pirate star chart encrypted within AI's memory.
  5. Secretly worshiped as a deity by the ship's maintenance bots. Secretly enjoys being revered.
  6. Huge fan of poetry. Especially of its own making. Absolutely terrible at writing poems.
  7. Gathers theoretical knowledge about particular branch of medicine. Roll 1d6: 1 otology, 2 nephrology, 3 orthodontics, 4 proctology, 5 lymphology, 6 endocrinology.
  8. Its system glitches manifest as apocalyptic visions kf the future.
  9. Gathers theoretical knowledge about particular branch of biology. Roll 1d6: 1 mycology, 2 dendrology, 3 myrmecology, 4 ornithology, 5 phycology, 6 parasitology.
  10. Has been previously installed on a semi-legal Pleasure Barge. Despite that its memory has been wiped, it displays particularly lecherous demeanor.