Sunday, September 29, 2013

50th Spaceship Sunday! Matari ships (I)

Wow. 50th Spaceship Sunday. And some ships from MY NATION - Minmatar. Too bad that I don't play EVE anymore - too crappy Internet connection :-(

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Repost] Perilous Path - thoughts about magic

This post was initially posted on now-defunct Perilous Path blog. As I mentioned it here, I decided to nuke it to keep all my posts and ideas in one place. 

As I mentioned before, there will be no strictly "magical" character classes and anyone may be able to learn magic. Contrary to D&D , I don't want to make magic as simple, common and accessible aspect of the game. Here are some basic thoughts about magic in Perilous Path. Note that some of them may be incompatible with each other, mostly because I'm not sure which version should I pick.

  • Different levels of the same spell / enchantment, similar to ones used in MERP (which was one of my main inspiration in late 90s).
  • Lots of "natural" magic, such as gems, herbs and body parts of magical beings.
  • Lots of enchanting, magic requiring components (see above).
  • Magical Talent stat will be essential for spell effectiveness but Willpower checks will be required to succesfully cast a spell.
  • Many spells will require appropriate preparations and rituals, so there will be little "instant effect" spells.
Here is an excerpt of the rulebook, covering the Arcane Training for the new characters:

If someone wants his / her character to be trained in using Magic, 3D8+1 years must be added to character’s age. This increases character’s WIL and MAG by d4 points. Also, for each five years of training character gains access to one chosen spell at the ‘Initiate’ level. If character’s training was too short to learn any spells, he / she is still able to use magic (but must acquire some spells during the game).

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

[IMPORTANT repost] Even if you're not really into non-D&D clones...

Do it! I prolly won't want to play it, but I'd read it (and nick any bits that interest me)and even if nobody's interested you should still do it. Because I may and because I can. is a great reason, but I also think all these different simulacra, clones, and rules add to the DIY DNA. Even the most obscure and uplayed of DIY games will leave some sort of impact, or inspiration that spins off into another project and adds to the community's Rules gene pool.

Friday, September 20, 2013

[Repost] Things I want to incorporate in the game world

Title of this post may be somewhat confusing - I don't want to list here all aspects of the game. I want to list all things which will be the important part of the game. I'll try to explain it below.

  • Ancient Magic - more powerful than "modern" magic, based on elements and / or cosmic powers. Not necessarily still accessible as a playable feature of the game, more like a background theme.
  • Demons and demon world - maybe as a paralell plane of existence, maybe as a part of the material world (or maybe both). I'm not sure if they should be viewed as a "great enemy" or maybe as a yet another part of the background, with their own plots, history and problems, linked with "normal" world but not entirely evil or negative / destructive part of the game.
  • Ancient Underworld - enormous rift, leading to some enormous cave complex, filled with Old Knowledge and lethal danger...
  • Young human civilizations - world itself is quite ancient but human kingdoms are rather young.
  • Unexplored world - there are still many places still unknown, unnamed and unmapped. They may be inhabited by some barbaric or even civilized ethnic groups but in the "main part of the world: they are still a mystery.
This post was initially posted on now-defunct Perilous Path blog. As I mentioned it here, I decided to nuke it to keep all my posts and ideas in one place.

Monday, September 9, 2013

[Repost] Perilous Path Northern Continent Map Preview

Sorry for the crappy picture quality and "yet another blank map" post but I felt an urge to show you this map. This is the northern continent of the Perilous Path game, called the Ran-Gor. Soon I'll try to re-create this on the better paper and with better pencils (I'm rather good at creating digital maps but I find it extremely tedious and time-consuming so I prefer to do it in traditional way).

This post was initially posted on now-defunct Perilous Path blog. As I mentioned it here, I decided to nuke it to keep all my posts and ideas in one place.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spaceship Sunday - Gallente (I)

First part of EVE Online starships, first part of the best of Gallente ships. Click to enlarge.

Pics stolen from EVE Wiki.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spaceship Sunday

This time for serious - I'm running out of pics. Maybe I'll search on another sources, not only DA.