Saturday, July 31, 2021

Void Blade


I knew that I will need to take a rest from writing Pain. But it seems that it will be longer than two months - I'm still quite burned out and overwhelmed by the work that still must be done (writing-wise - I'm not even thinking about the artwork yet!). Luckily, I feel much better nowadays.

I think there's something seriously wrong with me - even when I feel burned out, I still MUST create something. Always. It's bigger than me, and much more powerful than my laziness, haha.

I was thinking about making some third-party Mörk Borg stuff (thanks, guys, for the amazing license! I think I will add something very similar to Pain, once it's done) for the last few months. And now, when I hit the wall with my own game, it is time to make it.

So, welcome to Void Blade - a Dead World hidden inside the Dying World.

There will be six new classes, six new monstrosities, tasty random tables and a map, even more convoluted than the map in the MB rulebook!

I don't want to share too much info for now, as it's always possible that I'll hit yet another wall or that my depression will kick in once again and delay everything. Maybe I should apologize for it in advance? :D

Okay, that's it for now, maybe except one more mockup (this time I work both on images and text simultaneously) - please ignore the fact that it is slightly cut on the bottom edge - it is just a mockup after all.