Thursday, April 27, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Underworld Kingdom... Publishing / Games / ...

So, now it's official - the Underworld Kingdom is now a publishing brand, held by the TUTUconcept company.

We plan to refresh some of my older works (available mainly here), mainly in terms of graphics and typesetting. But our main effort is to release two board games we're currently working on.

LUNATION is the child of mine. I already posted some artwork from the game. I'll post something more about the game really soon.

Progress: 90% of artwork is done, rules are done, some minor tweaks are required. And of course, lots and lots of further playtesting.

STWORZE is the game about the Slavic Monsters (and I think is the best way to translate the name of the game) and... that's all I know about it right now, maybe except the fact that artwork for this project is simply amazing :)

Progress: almost all artwork is already done, playtests begin... well, today :) But - as it's not my project - that's all I know. Oh, and sadly, currently only Polish version of the game is taken into consideration.

(I know it looks gibberish for most of you but at least you can enjoy the artwork!)


Also, THE REVENANT. My beloved Role-Playing game I was designing with my best friend for years. But all of us know that writing an RPG rulebook is a really big chore, it will take some time. But everything is arranged for now, we will have full support in terms of typesetting, graphic design and artwork. HERE you can read the brief (and somewhat cryptic) introduction to the setting of the game.

If you need some more info - feel free to ask :)