Monday, September 28, 2015

30% discount on my Lulu prints

For some time, all my prints on Lulu, will be available 30% cheaper. Just to celebrate my comeback ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back from the... ummm...

I... Live again...

It's been a while.

Can't promise anything but I'll try to be at least bit more active than during past, well, forever.

Lots of things happened, some good, some very very bad for me. But it's irrelevant. I must admit it - I'm just a lazy bastard :D Haven't played more than one game session during 2015. I think I lost my dedication to it. But some friends of mine are getting really annoying now - they want to game and I think it may be a good moment to get back to the hobby...

What is more important, there is one thing I must tell you. There is one project I never mentioned neither on this blog nor on Geeplus. We (me and my ex-girlfriend, who is a co-author) haven't touched it for years (I guess it was gathering dust since 2010) but the game was almost complete. We never created any coherent rulebook but we have literally hundreds of pages containing virtually every aspect of the game. And lately we came to a conclusion that it may be a good moment to revive the project. We've been playing three long campaigns in it and almost all players were enjoying the game, in terms of both game mechanics and game world.

Of course, as it wasn't my personal work, all things are written in Polish so it will take fuckloads of time to translate it. Also, we want to rewrite some things, probably even everything. And still it's not sure that we will succeed. But we will try.

It won't be an Old School game. It will be pretty modern, both in terms of gameplay model and game mechanics. But probably I'll post something about it here.

What about other projects? For example, Krshal? Underworld Kingdom? I have no fucking idea. Once again - can't promise anything. But I guess that one day I'll release some new shit. Or maybe even force myself to release my stuff other than BandB via RPGNow...

I'm not dead. At least, not yet ;)