Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lunation - Box (and something more)

Sorry, not much to say today! Instead, I want to present you the design of the game box (and some parts of the board). And - as a bonus item - image from one of the system cards. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lunation - So it begins

So it begins. 

The power struggle in space. The Emperor dies, leaving his descendants hungry for power. 

They have 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds to claim the victory over their opponents. They have to win by any means. Playing fair or hiding in the shadow. The way is irrelevant, the goal everything. 

Currently we are during the phase of final testing of the game mechanics. Everything seems to be OK. Here is the small photostory of one of the latest games. You can have a look of some of the GFX, game board prototype and so on.

If you have any questions - I'll be more than glad to answer them!

Some Character images.

Some prototypes of Planet cards.

Fully explored System. Fleets spread to gather more Energy and Resources.

Fleet placeholders! Bottle caps FTW!

Mid-point of the game (some locations are still unexplored)

Some System card prototypes