Friday, September 20, 2013

[Repost] Things I want to incorporate in the game world

Title of this post may be somewhat confusing - I don't want to list here all aspects of the game. I want to list all things which will be the important part of the game. I'll try to explain it below.

  • Ancient Magic - more powerful than "modern" magic, based on elements and / or cosmic powers. Not necessarily still accessible as a playable feature of the game, more like a background theme.
  • Demons and demon world - maybe as a paralell plane of existence, maybe as a part of the material world (or maybe both). I'm not sure if they should be viewed as a "great enemy" or maybe as a yet another part of the background, with their own plots, history and problems, linked with "normal" world but not entirely evil or negative / destructive part of the game.
  • Ancient Underworld - enormous rift, leading to some enormous cave complex, filled with Old Knowledge and lethal danger...
  • Young human civilizations - world itself is quite ancient but human kingdoms are rather young.
  • Unexplored world - there are still many places still unknown, unnamed and unmapped. They may be inhabited by some barbaric or even civilized ethnic groups but in the "main part of the world: they are still a mystery.
This post was initially posted on now-defunct Perilous Path blog. As I mentioned it here, I decided to nuke it to keep all my posts and ideas in one place.

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