Sunday, March 24, 2024

Night Club! (new magic...item?)


I know it's stupid. That's why I made it!

This carved club, made of polished walnut, possesses some peculiar magical abilities:

  • Club's all magical powers activate only after sunset and last until dawn. The weapon should be treated as ordinary, although strange-looking wooden club.
  • It's a +2 magical weapon.
  • It grants 30% resistance versus alcohol and narcotics, atop of normal saving throws.
  • It grants +3 Charisma bonus versus all genders that the Club's wielder is interested in.

Artwork by me!


  1. I happen to like weird little items like this that no player has ever seen before. I mean, how many swords +1 have you seen and been bored with? I've introduced a magic sword whose only ability gives the character the power to transform into a mist (obviously useful for thieves, etc.). No attack bonus, nothing else. Just gaseous form.