Friday, February 8, 2013

My quick WFRP hacks

Quick and easy rules hacks I use in my current WFRP games (The Enemy Within!). Of course WFRP 1e 'cause second edition sucks balls so badly...

  • S 2d10+20, 2d10+10 for halflings
  • T 2d10 +20 for humans and elves, 2d10+10 halflings, 2d10+30 dwarves
  • Leather armor: 1 armor point, chain armor 2, plate 3.
  • Bows S4, xbows S5.
  • Max fate points. You'll need them in my games.
  • 10 IPs until you get your first mental disorder, 8 for second, 6 for each next one.
  • EDIT: forgot about this one: Dark Heresy-style initiative. d10 + number of tens from I. Checked each round of combat. 
  • EDIT2: +5 advances, exactly like in 2e.
  • EDIT2: 100xp for skill +10, 200xp more for skill +20. Of course not every skill can be improved.
Questions? :D


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