Friday, February 8, 2013

My quick WFRP hacks

Quick and easy rules hacks I use in my current WFRP games (The Enemy Within!). Of course WFRP 1e 'cause second edition sucks balls so badly...

  • S 2d10+20, 2d10+10 for halflings
  • T 2d10 +20 for humans and elves, 2d10+10 halflings, 2d10+30 dwarves
  • Leather armor: 1 armor point, chain armor 2, plate 3.
  • Bows S4, xbows S5.
  • Max fate points. You'll need them in my games.
  • 10 IPs until you get your first mental disorder, 8 for second, 6 for each next one.
  • EDIT: forgot about this one: Dark Heresy-style initiative. d10 + number of tens from I. Checked each round of combat. 
  • EDIT2: +5 advances, exactly like in 2e.
  • EDIT2: 100xp for skill +10, 200xp more for skill +20. Of course not every skill can be improved.
Questions? :D


  1. What makes 2nd ed. suck? I really don't know. I'm vaguely familiar with both, but couldn't tell you the differences (other than physical book differences).

    1. Differences in the game world and even worse mechanics (overcomplicated stats).

    2. Two absolutely different worlds and mechanics.

      1st is very old school and randomly determined d4+x skills can give very interesting outcomes. 2nd gives you limited set of skills/abilities where dwarf will have always exactly the same base set of skills. Few choices like [Dodge Blow or Intimidation] in careers doesn't make any difference after all. By the rules your character will never have the ability to sing, write or do anything that's outside his race/career spectrum.

      Fewer primary characteristics combined with possibility to exchange one roll with 11 results in character optimization. In 1st edition you'll almost always roll normal or even very limited (not to say crippled) adventurers. And that can give you cool roleplaying possibilities. 2nd edition characters looks more like specialists in their fields of interest. With luck points this is even more highlighted. There's nothing wrong with character optimization. But i don't expect such things from the WFRP and world of perilous adventure...

      Differences in magic (strict colour magic, colleges, rolling dice for power levels vs more open magic, specializations and magic points), politics (number of Elector Counts, free city states, the only magic school in Middenheim), creatures (no zoats and fimir, for example), gods (where are your gods of Law now? Or Liadriel?) and religion (druidism), main characters (Karl Franz as weak and foolish emperor, not mighty war hero and charismatic leader), different Bretonnia (semi French coxcombs with degenerated king vs king Arthur's knights and mighty-holy-uber Grail Knight king) and Kislev, etc.

      And many more differences but I will not waste any more of your time. :)