Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Blog!

So I decided to start a new blog. Yay!

First and foremost - my english level is really low, so it may be a little bit funny - both for you and for me. This may also cause some posts will resemble "raw meat" - pure content without sophisticated form of (very brief introduction - or no introduction at all, the content indicated in the points, etc). Content over form :-)

So what's the reason for the creation of this blog? It is very simple - I needed a place to publish my science fantasy / Sword & Planet materials created by me in the last fourteen years of playing. They will be (or alredy has been) adapted to the OD&D ruleset (or the old school RPG in general), because most of my works were created in an era when we when we played without any system of rules - we used only our imagination.
What is obvious, some of the rules will use the Terminal Space supplement.

As the first I will place here materials from my other blog, then I'll try to add new data as often as possible. Note: Remember that role-playing games are not my only hobby, so sometimes I can "disappear" for some time.

OK, time to start!

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