Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Memory Crystals of the Shapers

These about 6 inches long crystalline polyhedra were created by Shapers as an extension of their memory – perhaps brains of the Elder Race had a limited capacity or creatures had total recall and were unable to live when “brain overflow” occurred.

Characters can use the crystals as extra slots for spells and only in few cases they are able to access the knowledge stored in the artifact (mostly because usually it’s understandable to simple human minds). To determine properties of the crystal, roll d100 twice:

01          +1d10x1000 XP, 1 slot
02-60     1 slot
61-90     2 slots
91-99     3 slots
00          Arcane Lore +3d6%, 1 slot

Maximum spell level

01-60   1
61-80   2
81-90   3
91-95   4
96-99   5
00       6

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  1. Świetny pomysł. Na swoje potrzeby też wymyśliłem coś takiego, ale bardziej jako książki niż rejestratory pamięci. Bardzo oryginalnie to wymyśliłeś. Chyba zaadaptuje troszkę Twój pomysł :)

    PS Co tam z Leksykonem?? Piszesz coś??