Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fresh Blood

As you have noticed I haven't written anything for some time. The main cause for this was that I started playing EVE Online, GMed Dark Heresy and played in a band. Underworld Kingdom have suffered because of that and nothing new was written, although I managed to put in order some of my older stuff. I believe that the time came to write some more, even if not as regularly as it used to be. It is also a time for some changes - new author. Mr. wight, the author of ideas from this post. I have no idea what is he going to write here (except expanding of his previous ideas) and how frequently he will do it but I do believe that his contribution will be worthwhile, especially that for some years we were creating a game from which Bandits & Battlecruisers is being developed.

If some of you plays EVE, you can reach me in-game as Sarai Cayne :-)


  1. Cool. I've been thinking of starting to play EVE again, probably with a new character since I need to relearn the basics (I'm sure everything's completely different after a few years).

    I'll post my in-game name later tonight (free week trial offer again, might have week take advantage and if the game is fun again I'll probably stick with it).

  2. I can bet, that EVE ate the most of your time. Got hooked for a few months, man, amazing game. :) Good luck, holler if need help!

    call Sri Lanka

  3. Good news, good news. I actually checked your blog once every week and almost came to the conclusion that it is dead.

    What about Terminal Space?

  4. About TS? Jim and Jody from Netherwerks are working with something REALLY BIG related to the Terminal Space, but I'm not authorized to tell anything more about it ;)