Thursday, September 22, 2011

Empty God... and my first post over here

First of all I would like to apologize for my crapy english that used to be a lot better.
Second of all I would like to say hello !
I'm the dude that was supposed to write here from time to time, expanding some weird ass stuff that he made up while on night gangway watch in Marin, Spain.
So! Here's the first bit. Hope you guys like it and... awaiting comments and death threats.

Empty God ist the lord of the spaces between the matter, forgotten emotions, thoughts that had gone away and the things that have yet to be created in one way or another.
It has no believers and takes great strength out of this.
Evidence to its existence are meaningless clues hidden in various parts of the worlds.
For instance - Ungrols Menu belonging to a race of long extinct fishmen, whose last thought was, for some unknown reasone, of their favourite... fish dishes. The whole thing is written on a wall of a submerged cave and will be deceiphered only when all of the clues will be gathered together revealing the diary of the Empty God. Unfortunately no one knows how many clues are there thus making such a quest probably impossible to complete.
There is a person, somewhere in the Underworld Kingdom, known only as Odun Trud.
A mage of Nothingness of unknown power and capabilities. Most likely none existent. His name is mentioned only in bed time stories for unruly children. Though it appears that he is entirely made up, as there are no mages known by this name nor are there any ones that draw power from the Empty Gods domain.
Paradoxically, he is real, he wields the gifts and he's got the power.
He just needs to realize it yet.
This magic does not show itself in any way except making subtle changes to the reality and has no set rules of magical spells as it is just another clue.


  1. That English is not bad at all, and far better for us than it could be.

    I've been thinking through a subject very close to this recently and your take on it is very evocative, very playable too.

  2. Omlet, ok, will switch to some other khornite stuff.

    Porky, ty. Will try to keep that up :)