Monday, November 14, 2011

Magic Incense

Roll d10:

1 – red – anybody inhaling the smoke must save vs. Poison or go berserk, attacking everybody in his line of sight. Effect lasts as long as incense is burning.
2 – yellow – emits horrible odor of rotting eggs. It smoke can reveal invisible objects and hidden doorways.
3 – black – stinks of rotten fish. Inhaling the odor for one full round (10 minutes) heals 1 lost HD.
4 – cyan – sweet scent. Save vs Magic or fall asleep for 1d10x6 minutes.
5 – purple – sweet and very intense scent. May attract and lure monsters. Eating the incense may cause regain or lose 1d6 HP (1d6: 1-3 gain, 4-6 lose).
6 – gray – smells like old dust (1% for allergic reaction). Save vs Magic or forget one spell (or one important name for non magic using characters).
7 – gold – emits black, dense and odorless smoke. Every piece of gold (including gps) incensed by this smoke simply disappears. Sweet, eh?
8 – green – emits disgusting reek of rotten flesh. Any undead that can “smell” the odor (even if it has no nose) will automatically flee.
9 – white – flower scent. Inhaling its smoke may cause visions, oracular mumblings or similar effects (up to GM’s decision – may be fragments of map, knowledge about secret passages, monsters etc.) the only drawback is that scent of this incense will lure every insect (including giant ones) to the aroma.
10 – multi-colored. Roll twice!

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