Friday, November 2, 2012

Six Mysterious Tombs

  1. Tomb contains six quartz skulls, unfortunately connected to animated skeletons (4 HD each). Each skull is worth 342 gp.
  2. Tomb is the one-way gate to Netherworld. Referee should randomly determine if it allows to enter the land of the dead (which probably means instant death of the physical body) or to exit it.
  3. Legendary hero is buried here. Unfortuately, tomb has been robbed before and hero's spirit will seek revenge (Quest spell / ordinary, brutal combat).
  4. Ancient mummy is buried in the tomb. 2d4 demonic worms were trapped inside the body (AC5, HD3, ability to breathe fire, immune to fire).
  5. Crumbled skeleton is lying inside the grave. Crypt has secret chamber hidden beneath it. It contains gilded skeleton (worth significant amounts of gold but probably only if undamaged) with two large sapphires inside its eye sockets (163 gp each).. Skeleton will rise and fight the thieves if someone tries to remove a gems.
  6. Tomb is filled with very large, dried grubs. They have little value but are very nutritious. However, they stink horribly. There are so many worms that they can feed a single person for two weeks.

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