Saturday, June 15, 2013

500 posts! And what to do now?

Wow. It's hard to believe that I managed to publish five hundred posts here!

Unfortunately, things aren't going very well now, at least in terms of writing new stuff. I lost my dedication to RPGs... well, not all my heart I've put into my products but at least big part of it. But - fortunately for you - I still have some unreleased stuff I want to publish and I will try to do it in the following months. Also, it's highly possible that sooner or later I will start writing some new shit - I just don't believe that I will be able to just quit writing :D

And of course, I feel obliged to thank all of you for reading this blog. Luckily (for you :D) my 500th post came with the Free RPG Day, so remember to download my free gift :-)


  1. Congratulations on reaching 500 and thanks for all the unique stuff you've published here. Krshal, Terminal Space, Bandits & Battlecruisers: all have inspired my own RPG writing. I hope you get your mojo back. Here's to 1000!

  2. Huge thanks for your work so far; looking for your publications coming to be.