Thursday, October 17, 2013

4. Teik's Watchtower

Fuck, I totally forgot about this map... So, here's another part of rumors about the Nameless City:
  1. Teik was a powerful astrologer - he served the King for a long time;
  2. The Watchtower is older than the rest of the city;
  3. Teik died inside his tower - his remains may still be there;
  4. Teik is still alive, waiting for the end of the world;
  5. The Watchtower is the last remaining fragment of the infamous Red Demon's Castle;
  6. There's no known entrance to the tower;
  7. Teik cast a spell to summon the Red Demon, which devoured his soul;
  8. Tower was used as a leprosarium - that's why its doors are walled;
  9. They say that Red Demon haunts the buildings adjacent to the Watchtower and even slaughters the men and women living there;
  10. Tower is a trans-dimensional portal, connecting the city with the Red Demon's Castle.

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