Monday, September 1, 2014

[Repost] Introducing Perilous Ages

This post was originally posted on August 8 2013 on nuked Perilous Path blog. I decided to repost it to give you more info about my Medieval Fantasy Non-D&D Simulacrum.

Well, this time everything started with a... cover image! Last week I saw this amazing piece of art in the art gallery in Cracow and immediately I thought "damn, I need to make a new game, just to use this on the cover!" So I decided to mix the ideas from the Perilous Path (game mechanics) with the form of my Towers of Krshal (almost pure content, lots of random tables, no bullshit). Also, I'll try to add some commentaries about using this or that but I'm not sure if it's good idea (I love when people interpret things in many different ways and such commentaries can ruin that "open end" of the game).

Things I want to add to the game:
  • Rough sketch of medieval-ish setting (or maybe only a map, without any background);
  • Lots of rumors, helpful in creating an adventure / world backgrounds. Probably they will be divided into several groups;
  • Almost no magic nor mythical creatures;
  • Lots of random tables (mercenary creation, mutilation, random treasures, assassination attempts, false relics, execution mishaps and much more);
  • Social Status as an important factor during both character creation and the game;
  • Only three main character classes but lots and lots of occupations;
  • Rules for oppressing the peasants!
I don't know how long will it take me to complete the work (I can't tell anything about it, as time needed to complete my already done projects varies from 3 days to ten or more years) but if you're interested I will post here any updates.


  1. I appreciate that part of the brain that says yes to designing an entire game around a cover image. I also love the central concept of this game (more like historical simulationism, it seems?). Would you be open to outlining some of the material you already have, like "These are the classes," or "Here are the social status beta rules with peasant-vs-mounted cavalry mass combat mechanics?"