Monday, September 20, 2021

Cursed Blades (Swordtember)


I've already contributed to the Swordtember on the Instagram, but I realized I haven't posted any random table in a really long time! Soo, prepare a d10!

  1. It permanently attaches itself to the wielder's hand
  2. All damage dealt by the sword is also drained from the wielder's Hit Points
  3. Wielder becomes deaf and mute when the sword is drawn
  4. All healing magic directed at the sword's owner drains his/her HP instead of healing
  5. Sword hits automatically but deals maximum of 1 damage
  6. Wielder becomes blind for 1d6 minutes for each natural 1 rolled to-hit
  7. Each time the sword is drawn it drains 1 HP from its wielder
  8. The blade attracts insects and vermin - also the giant ones
  9. Each time the sword is drawn it produces a very loud sound of a bell
  10. The sword deals 1d4 additional damage but if its wielder is on full HP all attacks miss

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