Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Ten Prosthetic Arms

  1. Has a small dart gun concealed in the forearm (1 point of damage, easy to poison);
  2. Covered with pink fur, fingers tipped with razor-sharp claws (+1 to hit, 1d6 melee damage);
  3. Has a metal, spike-tipped buckler attached to the forearm (-1 AC, 1d4 melee damage if used as a weapon);
  4. Has a coin storage and dispenser installed inside (coin capacity 137);
  5. Covered with nasty spikes and hooks (makes climbing easier, 1d3 melee damage);
  6. Hides a spool with 12ft of thin but very durable rope;
  7. Has a magical Glow-Crystal installed in the palm of the hand;
  8. Has a scroll tube concealed in the forearm (capacity of 3 scrolls or letters);
  9. The hand can be easily detached - and  be used as a handle for the jagged blade hidden in the forearm (1d6+1 melee damage);
  10. The hand can be shot forward by the spring-loaded mechanism. It remains attached to the rest of the prosthetic by five feet of string. Unfortunately, the mechanism is too weak to be used as a weapon.

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