Sunday, August 24, 2014


Well, it seems that I'm still alive :) It was a really long break and there were several reasons of it. Full-time job made me mentally exhausted and focus on WFRP campaign is another reason. Sometimes I think about writing more stuff but it seems that I lost most of my interest in RPGaming. After seventeen years of running various games, I've done something wrong.

That's the only reason I can imagine - my mistake. Of course there are lots of other things that affected my ability to focus on writing, such as being pissed off by my players, making lots of music and purchase of PlayStation 3. But I still see my lack of writing as solely my fault, as none of these things may be considered as something so serious to make writing impossible. Now I want to change it, mostly because well, I love creating the RPG stuff.

I must admit that I got slightly tired by 0e / retroclones mechanics. Ruleset is too abstract for me and I need to rework some parts of it  - or focus on development of my diceless system.

Also, during past several months, I ran countless 1e WFRP games (we are close to the end of the Enemy Within campaign! Yay!) and about three Underworld Kingdom games (if you want, I may try to write some game report). I'm not sure If I participated in any game as a player, maybe aside of one or two games of Star Wars: Edge of Empire but it's not good game. Once again, I'm little tired, this time with seriousness of abovementioned campaigns / games. Even my UK sessions were rather serious. And I need more weird science fantasy. I'd love to participate in some Planet Algol game (Blair, are you reading this? :D) but I'm afraid that due to serious geographical issues (different hemisphere) I will be forced to run something by myself.

Okay, it's time to some list. As my English is still far from perfect, I still prefer to write stuff in dull, long lists. It's easier to me but probably not so exciting to read (;)).
  • Planet of Ortix will be the place. Maybe even some incarnation of the Ortix Worldship.
  • As I can't be sure when we will end the Warhammer campaign (or if my players want to participate in the new game :), I will write a new stuff here, as probably none of my players read this blog.
  • I'm tired of rolling dice. There's too much rolls in my current game so either I'll prepare the random contents (such as treasure or randomly generated rooms) before the game session or I will improvise, just selecting the stuff from the list to fit into the game.
  • Enough of underworld. I need some sunlight, night/day cycle and seasons. Underworld Kingdom is cool (mostly because I created it lol) but I miss the surface world.
  • Weird races, this time predefined. Too keep the world stable, I must give up the Thousand Races idea. All of them will probably be of alien origin, plus maybe results of some weird experiments.
  • Little of magic, lots of weird / ancient technology.
  • Also, I guess that some ideas from here will be present in the game, but as for now I see it more like mixing the Mad Max with HPL's Dreamlands while on acid :D
  • Still lots of sandbox, still little or no railroading but I guess that some parts of the game may evolve into "new school" scenario-based gameplay. Still I think that most of it will be improvised.
Whew, 599 posts on this blog! I never thought I will be able to write so much, even though lots of posts were just a graphical inspirations (Underworld Days, Nebulae, Spaceships and so on). I hope that despite the really long gap, you are still interested in reading my stuff. 600th post is on its way!


  1. Świetnie, że wróciłeś :). Mi też ostatnio zabrakło weny do erpegowego blogowania jak i w sumie do samej gry ( gram teraz w dzikopolowego braunsteina).

    1. Do gry sił mi nigdy nie zabraknie (a przynajmniej mam taką nadzieję)

  2. It's very good to have you back. I for one would definitely be interested in reading session reports from the Underworld Kingdom.

    1. So this means I should remember the things that happened on my game sessions several months ago :D It was quite fun so I think you may find it entertaining.

    2. I understand the difficulty. I write brief notes during game sessions and I always intend to write them up immediately afterwards. However I rarely do it, so months later I have to try and decipher my own enigmatic scrawls and scribbles.

    3. I'm almost sure that I remember most of the details :) There were only two or three game sessions, so it's not that difficult :)