Monday, November 2, 2015

Stat-based dungeoncrawl (Part Two)

This night I managed to write down some basic ideas for the Crypt Crawler ruleset (mentioned for the first time here). I'll post it here as ordinary (for me) assorted list. Thanks for Claw Carver for the idea of levelling the stats!
  • Only five basic character levels: Initiate (starting level), Adept (250xp), Specialist (1000xp), Expert (5000xp), Master (20000xp);
  • Two "epic" character levels are Hero and Legend. Experience points needed to reach these levels are up to the GM. Heroes are able to defy death once (without divine intervention), Legends are able to defy death three times. Remember Fate Points from Warhammer? It's something like it;
  • Base stats: STR DEX CON PER INT WIL LEA. It's highly possible that I'll add some extra statistics. During character creation, 2d6 roll (plus class bonuses) is used to determine starting level of each stat;
  • All stat checks are performed by d20 roll. If a natural "1" is rolled, character has a chance to improve his (or her!) stat:
  • Roll d20 again: 1-gain 100xp, 2-gain one point of the tested stat, 3-18-score more than your current stat level by using 3d6 and gain one point of the tested stat if you succeed, 19-20-nothing happens;
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: even if game relies on stat checks, this is not a roll-playing game! If any action can be completed if only time is required, no checks should be performed;
  • PCs are not gaining levels automatically after accumulating certain number of xp points. Experience points must be spent to gain a level! In addition, xp can be spent for spellcraft (see below) and to identify the ancient artifacts, magic items and so on;
  • Spells must be contained in some kind of magical veseel - it may be magical dust, potion or even amulet or wand. In most cases, spell container is destroyed / must be destroyed to cast a spell;
  • If all checks are stat-based and xp points can be used for other activities, why bother to level up? It's simple - better use of artifacts and - which is much more important - better resistances;
  • List of all resistances: fire, cold, electrical, damage, poison, mind, death, magic, chaos;
  • About character classes - must think about them. Most likely there will be more classes than in DnD.
Probably I'll release the ruleset along with the Darkest Hour setting, in form of small PDF booklet. Probably bigger than Towers of Krshal but still not particularily huge ;)

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