Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Revenant

The world is grim and unforgiving. Humans built their civilization on the ruins of the Old Races. First Cities are slowly dying, ridden by corruption, decadence and forbidden arts. Consortium of the northern city-states is starting to invade the midlands. King of the city of Lythia went insane and started to sacrifice humans on the strange altar made of black stone.

Magic is dark and powerful. It require lengthy preparations and lots of sacrifices. Sometimes, human sacrifices. Mages are living on the edge of society - they are feared because of their capabilities - and because of their deeds. Magic is dangerous, both for its user and the potential target.

Gods can walk the earth. They say that most - if not all of them were once human beings. Or some of them belonged to the Old Races. And because gods can emerge out of the Dark, because they can manifest in the physical dimension, they can be killed.

The Dark. Twisted, psychotic reflection of the reality. Source of some forms of magic, home to numerous beings, sometimes (mostly in the First Cities) called demons. Realm of the dead. And you've been there. But you can't recall most of it. Luckily for you.

You were once dead person. You have died, most likely in very violent fashion. But something broke the bonds of Death and bring you back to this world. Reasons may vary - revenge, retribution, desperate need to finish your Magnum Opus. Or maybe you're just a mere tool in the hands of much more powerful entities...

I promised you in my "comeback post" that I will post more things about "some game", that was in developement for several years, probably from 2007 to 2012. This is a Part One, the rough sketch of some basic ideas about the game world - and the main role of the PCs.

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