Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jadia (Shadow God)

Jadia ev Kariis is one of the Shadow Gods, much older than mankind. They say that she's the mistress of the Dark Experiments, and Pink Worms, one of her creations, are in fact the human race.

Jadia dwells in the place known as the Obsidian Heart - multi-dimensional fortress located somewhere in the Shroud - between the real world and the Darkness. The Insane Prophet says that Heart looks like the mountain of black glass, gleaming in the storms of the Shroud. He also says that no one that no one is able to locate the fortress without Jadia's invitation.

Some imperial scholars say that Hybrids were created after the huge sacrifice to Jadia was made by Setemo Delem, the last emperor. As the empire crumbled years ago, it seems that the truth will never be revealed.

At the very beginning of her experiments Jadia created the Imperfection - strange, pale and faceless creatures. They still exist, because they are somehow disconnected from the flow of time (which is more and more common thing during the world's Darkest Hour, but this time it may be just strange and powerful ability). Few have ever encountered the Imperfection and even less have survived the encounter but some sorcerers are willing to pay lot of gold for even tiniest body part of these creatures.

Cryptic posts, yes, yes... And even more to come in the future.

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