Thursday, January 14, 2016

Plans for 2016

Well, last two years weren't very active for me - but in 2014 I've run a lot of game sessions. And only two in 2015. It was a really hard year for me but well, fuck it. At least I managed to release Volume Three...

This year I plan to revive the blog, post more shit about my games (see below), more magic items and more random tables. And about new releases?

Revenant. I can't promise you that the game will be ready this year. Development process started in 2007 and almost nothing was done since late 2011. But we ran the game with over 30 different players and almost all of them liked the game a lot. So we feel it's our duty to finally polish the mechanics, adjust classes and roles and write the fucking rulebook :D But it will be a big game - probably about 250 A4-sized pages or even more. Plus artwork. HERE you can read more about the Revenant.

Ortix. I will try. Can't promise anything more. I will be filling up the alphabetical index but can't be sure if I manage to release at least alpha version of it.

Perilous Ages. Only random tables are left to do and the game will be ready. It's possible that game will be released in 2016 :) HERE is the latest progress report.

Volume Four. To be honest, nothing is done yet, except the map. Some hexes were explored and I still remember them but it may be hard to finish the whole booklet.

Well, we'll see how it will end ;)

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