Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lunation - something more about the game

Time to reveal something new about the Lunation Board Game :)

It's the first time I'm working on the BIG project - with the whole team (artists, testers etc). And despite the fact that some things are absolutely new for me, the creative process remained the same as in case of my previous publications. But things are really exciting, both for me and the rest of the team!

Without further ado, I'll try to share with you some basic aspects of the game.

Lunation is a rather fast-paced game with elements of exploration, trade and resource gathering. And lots of combat. Game lasts seven turns, during which players gather Victory Points, either by capturing opponent's characters during combat, fulfilling the Secret Objectives or simply purchasing VP with Energy and Resources.

Game will feature custom Combat Dice, using to determine the outcome of each battle, as well as Jump actions. In addition, players can modify almost each action by using the Action Cards.

Game's goal is to gather the most Victory Points during the seven turns of the game.

More info soon!

Prototype of the one of the most trickiest Secret Objective card :)

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