Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ortix, Year Seven

It's hard to believe it's been almost seven years since I started this blog. I managed to finish lots of things but even more still remain "in progress" - although there is no progress at all...

I don't want to write any summaries of the past, especially because it's middle of the night here. I just wanted to thank you.

Without you, my readers, posting any new stuff would be totally pointless.

And, speaking of the new stuff, I have a plan.

Eleven years ago, I started one RPG project with my friends. Of course, it was never finished, stuck in development hell and clouded by weed (we definitely smoked too much pot). It was abandoned years ago and all efforts to restart it failed miserably.

Now I have a plan to finally finish it, with or without help. And this time it will be presented as an old school game setting, with a form of presentation slightly similar to the Towers of Krshal. But, most likely, it will be MUCH BIGGER.

Stay in tune for more info about it, also I'll try to post some new info about Lunation, my upcoming board game :)

And this year I WILL TRY TO POST MORE HERE. But of course, I cannot promise anything ;)

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