Sunday, November 5, 2017

Charon Prime - rumours about the House Alcanter

Roll 1d10 or just pick one.
  1. They say that every member of the family must be slain at age 66. Otherwise he / she will transform into some unspeakable monstrosity.
  2. Only one-third of their children survive; probably most of them are too mutated to live. 
  3. They have numerous followers in the Cult of the Eyeless Face. Most likely they are the cause of the hideous mutations amongst the cultists. 
  4. Once in a year, they conduct the Carnival of Blood - an event that engulfs the whole Fifth Quarter in madness.
  5. Members of the House carry the jewelry made from precious metals, gems and remains of their ancestors. Obviously, these items are cursed.
  6. They cure their madness by consuming the infants of noble blood. In most cases, they devour their own kin.
  7. Each member of the Noble House of Alcanter must perform the Ming-Purging Rituals once per year to maintain their sanity. Obviously, these rites make them even more mutated and repulsive.
  8. They say that ordinary people invited to their parties and games end up utterly insane. Or just disappear, never to be found again.
  9. They keep strange animals as pets, such as talking goats, featherless parrots or levitating fish.
  10. There is a hidden meaning in all of their weird acts and words. Probably it's hidden in the Codex Ignis, ancient scripture that's been recently stolen from the Silent Library. 
As the time will pass, I will post rumours about all of the Noble Houses of the Citadel of Rust. Stay tuned!

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