Tuesday, May 24, 2022

PAIN update - and something new as well


Well, I'll keep it simple - I took a break. I was unable to make quality artwork in time that was satisfactory for me. All artwork I made for the Character Classes turned out to bee too low-res to be OK in print. And I need to make over 80 drawings for the game. And I felt pressure, so I snapped.

It was a purely self-exerted pressure, as I haven't promised any deadlines, release dates etc. So - it was just fucking stupid. I felt pressure, so I become feeling uncomfortable. And I've lost fun I had while working on Pain. And - to be honest - it was all about fun. The process of designing and illustrating this game was a source of great joy, until something in my mindset has changed.

So - let me repeat myself once again - I snapped. I felt like shit, like I let myself down.

Did I mention it was stupid? Yes, I did. And I realized that just mere moments later. So I've decided that it have to wait and that I need some rest. To regain the ability to have fun while working on the project.

My way of taking a rest is, well... I immediately started to work on something different. A setting that was slowly taking shape in my head for quite some time. And man, when I started writing it down, it begun taking shape really quickly. And still is.

So far I have over 8k words written (it means about 1k words per day - not great, not terrible). And it's not 8k words of notes - it's 8k words of an actual game. It's Towers of Krshal pace. And it's fun. Hard and difficult work but fun nonetheless.

Maybe I will post something more about the setting tomorrow.

Oh, and the artwork above - it was made with help of an AI. I like it alot. And the new thing will have all artwork made or enhanced by a heartless machine.

If all of this sounds gibberish - I'm sorry. I'm not very good at writing essay-ish things about myself, in foreign language, haha!


  1. Hey dude, regarding the hand-drawn material for Pain being too lo-res, how do you mean? The scans of your hand-drawn art were too low resolution? Shouldn't be too hard to resolve?

    1. I mean, they aren't detailed enough to look good, at least in my opinion

    2. Oh, from what I have seen I disagree! I love your hand-drawn style. I guess the trouble with approaching a project as an auteur is you never have anyone to tell you that something is good enough (I know the feeling well). I would urge you not to abandon the work done on the character portraits!