Sunday, June 5, 2022

Introducing Ashen Void - a system-neutral campaign setting


I wrote a setting. I needed a break from Pain and Sci-Fi (and Sci-Fantasy) in general. So I sat down and wrote a game. Systemless and comprised almost entirely of random tables. The proofreading and editing is already done, all artwork is done (with use of an AI). Now I'm fighting with InDesign to make a proper PDF (better than my previous releases, made in... Word).

  • The world is arid and stagnant. The main region of the setting, simply known as the Wastes, is in fact an ancient seabed...
  • ...or not - as there's nothing that should be considered a fact. Everything is just a table (or a list) of possibilities.
  • Speaking of tables - there are seventy eight random tables in the book. And hardly anything else in terms of text. You can form your own version of the world by picking different results or rolling the dice. Or - what's most likely to happen - you can cannibalize some ideas to include them in your own ongoing campaign.
  • The game will be released under Creative Commons license. And the package will contain a text document, to make aforementioned cannibalizing even easier.
  • Ten monsters, without any stats or concrete form. Just strange ideas. 4 random tables per monster. And they are really weird.
  • The Trials will await the heroes. They must prove themselves to be worthy or be slaughtered by the ancient, timeless monsters: the Roach, the Goat, the Scorpion and the Guardian Angel.
  • I think, according to the current progress with the design, that the book will have about 80-100 pages. Full color. And will be available both in print and PDF, both on Lulu and DTRPG.

 More info soon.

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