Thursday, January 2, 2014

CAVERN DAY! Special Edition #1 - Ants!

I'm too sick to post anything creative today, so I decided to post something under the Cavern Day label - the absolutely amazing - and very inspiring - documentary about the Leaf Cutter Ants. I never used the giant ant dungeon in my games but one day I will do it. And this video may be very, very useful. Enjoy!


  1. The most devastating adversary my PC's met in my Sword & Sorcery campaign to date was giant ants with acid saliva in a tomb they were raiding. The farmer PC happened to purchase a jar of honey during initial creation. This and a pit trap near the entrance of the tomb saved their aaaases. Their first encounter with the ants left them licking wounds for like four days, which gave them the time to brainstorm a solution to the indomitable ants!

  2. Giant Ants are always my go to for Dungeon Levels 1-3. They make for excellent mounts as well.