Wednesday, January 8, 2014

d30 random scrap table

  1. Set of aluminium spoons
  2. Large, rusty gearbox
  3. Wrench
  4. Ancient, broken cyber-brain
  5. Steel bucket full of dried concrete
  6. Half-melted barrel of a laser cannon
  7. Iron
  8. Small electrical engine (operational)
  9. Titanium skull
  10. Tangled copper pipes
  11. Cannon shell
  12. Punctured hot water boiler
  13. Gutter
  14. Large spool of copper wire
  15. Iron mace
  16. Small metal box full of nibs
  17. Huge screw
  18. Rusty cleaver
  19. Body of a luxury car in pretty good condition
  20. Small brass figurine
  21. Ten-foot pipe with a knife attached to its tip
  22. Steel bucket (punctured)
  23. Six pairs of scissors connected with a short chain
  24. Cast bathtub
  25. Water pump
  26. Huge cauldron with cannibalistic engravings on its surface
  27. Rusty greatsword
  28. Small can with set of miniature pliers inside it
  29. Guts of the ancient clock
  30. Brand new large ball bearing, still covered with foil

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