Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Darkest Hour

Yay, 2014! Welcome in the New Year! :)

As you probably remember, yesterday I wrote that I want to start a series of posts about my Dying Earth pastiche (or rather loose interpretation / game revolving about the same idea of dying reality). Here is a list of all topics about the setting I want to post in this blog during the 2014. Of course - as nothing is certain about my writing - contents of this list may change over time.

Links will be added when the post about the particular topic will be published.

General information / random stuff

Appendix N

Places and geography

Bell Tower
The Black Cube
Bone Coast
The Cauldron
Corat Archipelago
The Drowned Land
Death Pits 
Forges of Angelorn
The Frozen Wastes
Garden of Deceptive Pleasures 
Gardens of Yinaril
The Holy Fire
The Obsidian Heart
Oldor Archipelago
Palace of Ascension
Ranath-Cardei, the Holy Ruins
The Scarlet Palace
Spire of the Storms
Thagra, City of Thousand Channels
Umber Wastes

Races and creatures

The Blind Beast of Daleit
Blue Tar
Deceptive Blossoms
Elder Races
Inhuman Ones 
The Necromancer of Naal

Artifacts and magic items

Crystal of Canyss
Eyes of Daleit
Glass Knives 
Midnight Blade
Mirror Crystals
Scroll of False Wisdom

Gods, magic and mysticism

The Black Portal
The Fossilized God
The God of Light 
Gods of the Abyss
The Seven Warlocks
Shadow Gods
Shroud of Death
Shroud of Shadows


Age of Darkness
The Cataclysm
The First Empire
Madness in the Holy Ruins

Persons and heroes

Jhatis Ranath, the Black Empress
Ranor Delem
Setemo Delem
Tenath, the First Hybrid


  1. Wow. This looks very promising... I'm looking forward to learning about Blue Tar, the Fossilized God, and how the Beast of Daleit lost its Eyes. (Also, using Pinterest to make a reference library of visual inspiration is a brilliant idea.)

    1. To be honest, for some of abovementioned entries I have only very faint ideas but I believe that I can expand it to a form at least a decent blog post :)

      About the Pinterest as a visual aid - AFAIK it was Kyrinn's idea (from the Grand Tapestry blog)

    2. Aye, I guessed most of those entries were probably just the result of individual brainstorming on your part, but it's a promising start.

    3. About half of these entries are already made - in my head or already written down (in Polish) in my private wiki and / or various notebooks :)