Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Coming Soon...

Today I realized that Volume Three is ready since Jan 2014. I have no idea how I managed to forget about it...

I'll try to re-read the contents of the booklet this week, tweak it, correct the grammar (of course within my limits) and release it via Lulu. Unfortunately, I still don't have tools to prepare my releases to fit the RPGNow requirements (unless something changed within the last year), so - for now - only BandB will be available via DTRPG / RPGNow.

Once again, Volume Three will contain:
  • 29 new monsters;
  • Prehistoric beasts stat blocks;
  • Info about the Lovecrafrian monsters inhabiting the Underworld Kingdom;
  • 6 nasty demons;
  • Options for Giant Slugs;
  • 26 new magic items;
  • Useless items;
  • Disturbing standards.
Moreover - I'm more than sure that I haven't included all items that were posted on this blog, so I'll try to add them as well.

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