Monday, July 3, 2017

Charon Prime - Aldenson's Sorrel

The only one edible plant that can be found on the surface of the Charon Prime. Actually, Aldenson's Sorrel is the one of two plants that are known to be existing on the planet!

It has thick, rubbery leaves, usually two to three feet-long. They are the main source of food for the inhabitants of the Citadel of Rust, as well for all animals that are kept and bred for their meat. Unfortunately, the plant has one peculiar ability - and pretty dangerous and unsettling ability.

It can be best described as the collective psychic powers. Even the single specimen can affect one's mind. And the more Sorrels are gathered in single place, the more powerful they are.
  • Single to few plants: humans experience the sensation of being watched;
  • Few to dozen plants: strange whispers and noises can be heard;
  • Several dozen Sorrels: nausea, headache, short and chaotic visions of distorted images;
  • More: losing control of own body, coma, catatonia
Some people say that they saw their companions disappear in the Sorrel thickets, never to be seen again. Ordinary persons usually cannot overwhelm the psychic force of the plants but they just start act strangely (or try to escape the Citadel, probably to find Sorrels growing in the wild). Aggression, hyperactivity or paranoia were never noticed (or, at least, no one survived such occurrence).

So, who grows the Sorrels to feed the Citadel's inhabitants? Monks belonging to the one particular sect or people who were already insane.

More info soon (or in five years or so - it seems that I don't post anything about Charon Prime campaign setting very often)...

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