Monday, July 10, 2017

Free items

Items listed below can be obtained by PCs for free at various locations (marketplaces etc.). Treat them as a garbage (items, not the PCs!).
  1. Slightly rusty chain, 1ft;
  2. Short oar;
  3. Half a loaf of bread, somewhat stale;
  4. Clay mug with missing handle;
  5. Small tallow candle;
  6. Half-burned incense stick (3% that it's magical)
  7. Mouse trap;
  8. Fishing rod made of stick. Line is snapped after 3ft;
  9. Short stick of chalk;
  10. Club made of table leg;
  11. Smoked sardine;
  12. An apple (9% that it's a worm inside it);
  13. Padlock without a key;
  14. Knife / shank made of a half of scissors;
  15. Small stool;
  16. Horseshoe in perfect condition;
  17. Dusty linen bag;
  18. Flea-ridden felt hat;
  19. Pair of wooden shoes;
  20. Pot lid made of tin.

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