Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Pain RPG - the Trophy Room


Located in the maze of dungeons between Upper and Lower Cities, the Trophy Room is the largest known (has anyone actually seen it?) collection of skulls, skeletons and taxidermied animals in the entire City. Some of them originate from before the Fall.

>> some were brought from the outside
>> off-world artifacts
>> from the Shattered Moon
>> and beyond

Some outcasts from the Biologists claim that some of the trophies are still alive in huge vats, operated by the keepers bound by the ancient oath.


I've come up with an idea for this place about three years ago, when I started to work on Pain again, after years of hiatus. But it doesn't end there!

As I mentioned in this post, most entries in the description of the setting will have a short random tables, called the Emblems. In Trophy Room's case, I went much farther. I made a table of random trophies. A d% table. And I managed to finish it in one and half days!

Here are the first 20 entries from the table:

  1. The Clockwork Crow
  2. Blue Neural Core, preserved in a jar
  3. Preserved skinless crocodile
  4. A petrified troglodyte
  5. Skull of cybernetically enhanced human
  6. An Extraplanar Decahedron
  7. Spider-squid in a water tank
  8. An Ultraviolet Ladybug
  9. Stuffed Newt Drake
  10. A huge, eyeless, albino fish
  11. Head of an enormous, four-eyed ape
  12. Six-winged Swordfish
  13. Dreamvoid Spectre in a stasis field
  14. Skull of a Rat Man
  15. Rust Gnasher's egg
  16. A Void Spawn chrysalis
  17. Huge Quartz Anemone
  18. Stuffed Beetle Man
  19. A Graveborn Larva
  20. Toad Warrior's head

If you enjoy my work, consider dropping me few coins on Patreon. I will post a full table there!

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