Monday, July 30, 2012

At last!

This is the place where I'm going today!

Time for some vacation. Despite shitty weather I'm heading to the "wilderness" to rest from the big cities, walk, splash in the lake (I live for 28 years by the sea and still can't swim!) and enjoy the brew. I should be back in a week or so. I have one or two posts scheduled for this time (Underworld Day and maybe something more) and meanwhile I present you small random table.

Things in the lake (roll 1d10):
  1. Giant blind fish, escaped from some underground river or lake. Big enough to sink a yacht or swallow a man whole. It can be encountered only during nights.
  2. 2d6 animated corpses of drowned men and women. They lurk in the shallow water just beneath the surface.
  3. Giant electric eel (18 feet long). It's intelligent and can speak (but it's rather hard to understand him if not submerged in the water).
  4. Sunken barrel, full of pickled cucumbers or sauerkraut (50% chance for each).
  5. Very old fishing nets, slightly magical. Water wraith is trapped in them.
  6. 3 feet long Opal Crayfish. Has poisonous bite (save or be unable to breathe air for 1d6+2 hours) but its carapace is worth 348 gp.
  7. Pack of 2d12 brown-skinned toadmen fighting 3d8 green-skinned frogmen. Both sides are armed with primitive weapons. Toadmen are led by l4 fighting man (fighting toad?) and leader of frogmen is l3 magic user.
  8. Giant leech, capable to suck all blood from human in mere seconds.
  9. Sunken barrel, full of rotten, toxic fungi. There is a huge emerald hidden inside the barrel (it's worth2366 gp).
  10. Giant swamp octopus hidden under a really big, green rock. In fact, rock is a huge gold nugget covered with fossilized goo. It's worth over 20000 gp but it's really very heavy (over one ton) and octopus is very powerful and deadly opponent (and it will defend its home).

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