Monday, July 23, 2012

Only Ten? Ten?

Brendan asked interesting question: If you could only keep ten of your printed RPG books, which would you pick? I thought about it and answer surprised me.

If I could only keep ten of my printed RPG books I will keep not even one. I played without any rules, dice or even char sheets for more than five fucking years. I can game without that crap, only with my imagination.
Even when I ran Underworld Kingdom test runs, I had about 10 printed (or not) gamebooks. And I looked almost only into first LBB (Men & Magic) and sporadically into Terminal Space (but stopped when Technician PC departed).

But it would be awesome to have my custom-made private AVES spellbook :D


  1. Who could blame you? :)

  2. I could grab five easily, not just for the roleplaying experience, but because they're great books. After that though, I would struggle to find anymore that i actually needed. Would a GM screen count? They're kind of handy...

  3. All I really would need would be the Holmes blue book.

  4. Note that your own books count towards the 10. :-)